Retailer Utilities

Retailer Utilities

Below is a list of Retailer Utilities and a brief explanation of their function. Many should only be run under the advice of Tower Support.
If you are unsure, contactTower Support before clicking a Utility

Import / Export Files
  1. Import Supplier Stock File
  2. Import PDE File
  3. Import Catalogue Files
  4. Import Customer File
  5. Import Customer Orders (Newsagency Only)
  6. Export OfficeSmart Stock (Newsagency Only)
  7. Export Data
  8. Import Shopify Tags File
  9. Import Shopify Weights File

Supplier Communication (Newsagency Only)
  1. Generate Stops / Starts File
  2. Import Stops/Starts/Subscriptions
  3. Import Publisher Customer Codes
  4. Import Subagent Orders
  5. Export Subagent Orders
  6. Import Route Delivery List

Department Utilities
  1. Find Stock with No Department
  2. Group Department Change
  3. Change A Stock Item's Department or Category

Stock Reorder Utility
  1. Used to Setup Reorder Method and Desired Levels for Stock By Department and/or Supplier. Can also use Stock Manager for this

Update Stock File with The Preferred Supplier
  1. Checks Supplier and Supplier Stock Code (SSC) match the Preferred Supplier set per stock item

Update Prices per Department

Update Sales File with Cost Prices

Update Stock File with Last Arrived Date
  1. Updates Last Arrived Date per stock item. Date can be seen in Find Stock Screen or Stock Manager

Check Parent Stock Items
  1. Finds Stock Items that are setup as Child Items where the Supplier is not ticked to track stock items by issue

Data Checking Utilities

Import Department Categories

Check Multi-Store Files (Multi-Store Only)

  1. Change Tax Rate for stock items by Tax Group

Check Subagent Standing Orders (Newsagency Only)

News Corp Subscription Pay Code Update (Newsagency Only)

  1. Change default Stock Description prefix for Pack items. Default is "Pack of..."

Multi-Buy Customers
  1. Adjust Multi Buy Accruals for Customers

Check Email Addresses
  1. Checks Customer and Supplier Email Addresses are valid. Need to Print or PDF report to view

Sale Balance Credit Fix
  1. Updates Customer Accounts Balances for Invoice Credits for Retailer V2 to V3 conversion

Add Custom Web Site
  1. Add Website URLs that can be added as shortcut buttons on Retailer Main or POS Screen

Disable Customer Email/SMS Receipts
  1. Ticks Disable Receipt Emailing and Disable Receipt SMS Sending in Customer Screen for all customers

Reset Retailer Screens
  1. Resets Previous Sale and Find screens in Retailer to default size and alignment

Special Customer Order Migration Log
  1. Shows a list of all Special Customer Orders that have been migrated to Quote and Invoice Management when updating Retailer past 3.3.

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