You can export a list of customers to an Excel file (spreadsheet) through the export data utility.

  1. Click the Utilities menu from the top of the main screen of Retailer, then Import/Export Files and then Export Data.
  2. Options
    You can limit the customers exported to a set range by ticking Customer Range and setting the range from the drop down boxes. This is the range of Customer numbers to export.
  3. Format Type
    Basic will use the export options shown in the Export Format box.
    Choose the Advanced option to change Export Format settings.
  4. Export Format
    Choose Comma-Delimited to set a comma between each column.(Commonly used in csv files)
    Choose Fixed columns to open a new option in the Selected Fields section which allows you to specify a fixed amount of space between columns.
    Tick the box for Enclosed Text in Quotes to put quotes around any field that contains text in the exported file
  5. Selected Fields
    Double click the fields you wish to include in the export file from the left hand grid.
    They should move to the selected field side on the right.

    After selecting a field on the right hand side:
    The Up and Down Arrow buttons will move the selected field up and down the grid. This is the order of columns in the file.
    The minus button will remove the selected item.
    The button with the dots and dashes will allow you to change the column width if you selected fixed columns in the Export Format options.
    The bin icon will remove all items from the right hand grid.
  6. Once you are done, click the Export button and choose the name and location where you wish to save the file.
    You can select a TXT file or CSV file from the file type drop down here.
Before exporting the file, you can click Save template to save your export settings.
The next time you need to export customers, click Load template and select the saved template to bring up the same settings you've previously used.