Customise Pack Item Description

Customise Pack Item Description

The description of Pack Stock Items can be customised with different Prefix, Suffix options and can include the Pack Quantity

By default, the Pack Description Prefix is set to Pack Of. For a stock item with the description "Pencil", the pack item will have description of "Pack Of Pencil"

From the Main Screen of Retailer, click Utilities -> Set Pack Description. The following options can be set:
  1. Default Pack Description Prefix
    1. For example, if set to "Box of", Pack Items will have a description of "Box of Pencil"
  2. Default Pack Description Suffix
    1. For example, if set to "by the pallet", Pack Items will have a description of "Pencil by the pallet"
  3. Append Pack quantity to end of description
    1. Adds Pack Of Quantity to end of description. For example, description of "Box of Pencil" becomes "Box of Pencil (Pack of 10)"
  4. Use Main Item Description
    1. Uses the Unit Item Description as a base before adding the Prefix, Suffix and Pack Quantity above. eg Unit Item "Pencil", Pack item becomes "Box of Pencil"
    2. If unticked, Prefix and Suffix are added to current Pack Item description. eg "Box of Pack of Pencil"
After making changes, click Save. Changes will apply to new Pack Items going forward. To Apply to existing Pack Items, click Apply to all items.
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