Always perform a backup before making changes in the Stock Manager
The Stock Manager is a feature in Retailer that allows users to make bulk adjustments to stock items through a single screen.

To access Stock Manager:

  • On the top menu bar, click on Stock Maintenance -> Stock Manager.

The process of making bulk changes with Stock Manager involves the following steps:

Search For Stock Items

The first step involves performing a search of your stock database based on parameters such as department, supplier, classifications and so on. This uses the Advanced Stock Search function.

  1. If the Stock Manager grid contains stock items, click on Remove -> Remove All. This will clear the grid and ensure that unwanted items are not included in the search.
  2. Click on Search.
  3. In the Advanced Stock Search screen, select the options required for the stock items to search for. Click HERE to learn more about Advanced Stock Search.
    NOTE:  To select all stock items, type * in the Keywords box
  4. Click Search. The Stock Manager grid will now display all stock items based on the search criteria.
Searching again will not replace the results, but will instead add to them. When making a new search, make sure to click Remove -> Remove All to remove the existing search results first

Select Stock Items To Be Edited

  1. In the Stock Manager list, tick the particular stock items that you want to edit. The list can also be filtered further - for more information on using filters, click HERE.
  2. If you want to select all the items, click on the Select button. Then, click Select All.
  3. Conversely, to de-select all the items, click on the  Select  button and then click on Select None.
  4. Individual items can be ticked in the Selected column
  5. Multiple rows can be highlighted together. Hold Ctrl on the keyboard and click multiple rows to Highlight them. A group can be highlighted by clicking the first row, Holding Shift on the keyboard and clicking the last row you wish to highlight. Click Select and Select Highlighted.

Customise and Apply Changes

  1. Once you've finished selecting the stock items, click on Edit Selected.
  2. On the right side, you will find the following areas:
    • Details
    • Images
    • Pricing
    • Description
    • Tags
    • Variants
  3. Make the changes as required according to the instructions below.
  4. Click End Edit.


  1. Set the changes that you'd like to apply to all the selected stock items.
  2. Any changes will be highlighted in red.
    You may need to tick/untick twice for the option to turn red.
  3. Click Save.


  1. Right-click the image area and select Add Images
  2. Find the correct image(s) in your file system, select them and click open.
  3. Click Upload images to selected items to add these images to all selected items.


  1. In Update Following Prices, select the price(s) that you want to update.
  2. In Update Type, select how you want to update the prices.
    The following options are available:
    • Percentage  - Increases prices by a specified percentage.
    • Amount  - Increases prices by a specified amount.
    • Set Price   - Sets prices to a specified amount.
    • Markup  - Sets the prices based on a specified markup percentage.
    • Gross Profit %  - Sets the prices based on a specified gross profit percentage.
    • Existing Price +/- %  - Changes prices by a specified percentage based on one of the price types (cost, sell, RRP or trade).
    • Existing Price +/- $  - Changes prices by a specified amount based on one of the price types (cost, sell, RRP or trade).
  3. In Increase Price By, enter the amount based on the update type.
  4. *If you selected one of the Existing Price options, select the Base Price from which the new prices will be calculated from.
  5. Click Update Prices.


  1. Select between Replace or Add in the drop-down box.
    • If Add is selected, type in characters/words that you want to add. Then selected between adding the characters/words at the start or end of description.
    • If Replace is selected, type in the new character/word in the first box and then type in the character/word to replace in the next box.
  2. Select between making the change to start of Description or to end of Description.
  3. Click on the + button.
  4. The modification will move into the pending list. Multiple modifications can be added by repeating the steps above.
  5. To remove a particular modification, click on it in the list and then click on Delete.
  6. Click on Apply Pending Modifications.


  1. Select a tag from the drop-down box or start typing in a tag and the drop-down box will filter results as you type.
    Alternatively, click on the ... button to select multiple tags in one go.
  2. To add a new tag, just type in the tag and press [Enter].
  3. Click Save Tags.


Click HERE for more information on variants