Variants (Colour, Size and Style)

Variants (Colour, Size and Style)

This feature allows items that are essentially the same item but come in different variations to be grouped together.  An ideal example is stock that comes different colours, sizes and styles like clothing, shoes and manchester. 

Once items are grouped using variants you will benefit from easier stock ordering, stock arrivals, searching and you will have the ability to export your variants to a website to facilitate easier purchasing by your online customers.   

The Variants module is an additional paid module to the software. To purchase click HERE
If you are renting Retailer, the module is included. Contact Tower Support if you aren't sure

Video Guide

Training video on setting up Variants

Setting up Variants

  1. From the main screen of Retailer, click on Stock -> Suppliers & Departments -> Variants.
  2. Under Variant Types click on the ‘+’ button down the bottom left, type in the Description and a Short Description (This will be displayed on the stock items name).
    Note: The Variant Type only needs to be added once. E.g. Size can be used for shoe sizing and clothing sizes.
  3. Click on the Variant Group tab, and add a Group Name. You can then add the variants you wish to be under that particular group. E.g. Group Name: Linen and the Variants might be: Colour, Size, Thread Count.

The priority field is the order in which they are displayed in the description. 
If you also use Classifications and sync your stock to a webstore (eg. Shopify), make sure that none of your classifications have the exact same name as your variant options (eg. COLOUR, SIZE). Clashing names can prevent items from syncing to your website.

Adding Variants to a Stock Item via the Stock Screen

  1. From the stock screen, find the item you wish to add variants to, then click on the Variants tab. Select the variant group for the item, once the variants are displayed you can enter the value for each one. This can be selected via the drop down or by simply typing.
    Note: You don’t have to enter a value for all variants in the group.
  2. Once the variant has been added once there is no need to add it again. (E.g. Once you have entered in Red in any variant group it will save this information as an option to select for the next time a red item comes in)
  3. The description will be updated once the Variants are saved.

For the descriptions to display and update properly no square brackets should be used in the description. If you delete the variants out, they will automatically be added back into the description upon saving/cancelling changes in the stock screen.

Adding Other Variants of the Same Item

Additional stock items can be added via the Stock Variants button under the Variants Tab. This screen allows you to create stock items easily for the variants. E.g. you can add each colour or size shoe without having to manually go through and add each item individually.

  1. In the Variants tab click on Stock Variants.
  2. The Grid up the top will display the current item, this item is the ‘Main’ item.
  3. Scan or enter the barcode of the variant item ([Alt]+[G] to generate a barcode). If the item does not already exist in the system it will add this item for you, based off the details on the Main item.
  4. Once you have scanned / added the item you will be prompted to enter the variants of the item.
  5. You can update this group of items in bulk (Supplier, Supplier Stock Code, Description, Cost Prices, Sell Prices) by clicking on the Update All Variant Items button.

Adding Variants via Stock Manager

Click HERE for our advice sheet on using Stock Manager.

Remember, all selected items in the stock manager will be altered. It is best to perform a backup before making large changes.
The stock manager allows you to assign multiple existing stock items to a main variant.
  1. In the Stock Manager, search for and select the stock items you wish to edit (see the stock manager guide linked above for how to do this).
  2. Click Edit Selected, then click the Variants tab.
  3. Click Link Selected Items and select the Main variant you wish to link these items to.
  4. Click End Edit.
You can also use the stock manager to assign variant values to a group of stock items. E.g. You have multiple items with Colour: Purple and want to change them to Colour: Mauve
  1. In the Stock Manager, search for and select the stock items you wish to edit (see the stock manager guide linked above for how to do this).
  2. Click Edit Selected, then click the Variants tab.
  3. For each variant value you wish to change, type in the new value or select it from the drop-down box, then tick the update box.
  4. Click Apply Variants to Stock.
  5. Click End Edit.

Arriving Stock Items with Variants via Invoice Arrivals

Click HERE for our advice sheet on using Invoice Arrivals

  1. When you arrive stock that has Variants you will be presented with a prompt asking if you wish to arrive other Variants of that stock item.
  2. You can then enter the quantity for each variant and change the Cost and Sell prices if you wish.

Re-Ordering Stock via Orders Maintenance

Click HERE for our advice sheet on Creating and Sending Orders 

  1. Create an order through Orders Maintenance (Stock Maintenance -> Orders -> Orders Maintenance)
  2. When you add a stock item that contains Variants, you will be prompt with a message asking if you would like to add other Variants to the order (Like the one in Invoice Arrivals). If you select Yes a grid will appear with the option to set the quantity for each of the variants.

Filtering Variants

Introduced in Retailer 3.2.2 is the ability to filter variants to quickly find the one that you are looking for. This can be done in any screen that lists variants - stock screen, POS screen etc. To filter variants, click the little funnel symbol in the column heading that you wish to filter by.
Click HERE for more help with filtering.

Images and Variants

Variant stock items that have different images for each variant should have the images loaded on each variant individually. This will allow your website to switch to the correct image when a customer selects that variant option.

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