Filtering Lists in Retailer

Filtering Lists in Retailer

Many screens in Retailer contain grids that can be filtered to find items that you are looking for faster. This includes the Stock Manager, Barcode Manager and Variants. To use these filters, hover your mouse over the column heading that you wish to filter by, then click the little symbol that appears on the right hand side, circled in red below:

When you click on this symbol, a small menu will appear - you will see the options (All), (Custom), and then more options that are determined by the values in the columns.
  1. (All) - This option turns off any filters that have already been applied and shows all items.
  2. (Custom) - Create a custom filter. Up to 2 custom filters can be applied per column. If AND is ticked, items must in both custom filters; if OR is ticked they can be in either. Choose an option from the drop down box on the left, then type in a value on the right. For example, you could filter the 'Quantity' column to show items where the quantity 'is greater than' 20.
  3. The other options are quick filters - simply tick the options you wish see below. For example, you could filter a 'Size' column by ticking the '12' and '14' options to see all variants in those sizes.

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