Correct procedures surrounding stock arrival into Retailer will assist your stock control, ensuring that your stock holding figures are accurate, as well as allowing for stock reordering to occur within the system. It also allows you to keep track of your cost prices and gross profit figures.

Arriving an Electronic Invoice

For arriving an electronic invoice from a CSV file, click HERE .
For arriving an electronic invoice from a DD2 or DDO file, click HERE .

Creating an Invoice Arrival Manually

  1. From the main screen of Retailer, go to  Stock Maintenance  ->  Receipt of Stock  ->  Invoice Arrivals .
  2. In  Supplier , select the supplier for the invoice you are arriving.
    NOTE:  If the supplier does not exist, press Insert on the keyboard and follow the prompts to add the supplier.
  3. In  Invoice Number , type in the invoice number or just press [Tab] to allow Retailer to generate a number based on the date.
  4. Enter the  Arrival Date  and  Invoice Date , which will default to today’s date.
  5. Tick  Invoice Cost Price includes GST  if the cost prices on this invoice include GST. If not, untick this option.
  6. The  Invoice Paid  tick-box becomes available after the invoice has been completely arrived.
  7. In  Freight , if you wish to simply record a freight charge without affecting the invoice total, enter any freight charges associated with this invoice. This figure should be entered as either ex GST or inc GST, depending on the invoice GST setting.
    NOTE : If you wish to apply a Freight Invoice or apply a Freight Charge that affects invoice the invoice total, please refer to the advice sheet  HERE  after finishing the invoice.
  8. If the stock on this invoice will form part of a catalogue, select it from the  Catalogue  box or press [Insert] on the keyboard to add a new catalogue. This will prompt you to add each item to the catalogue as you arrive them. Click  HERE  to learn more about catalogues.
  9. In  Order , type in your purchase order number if you have one.
  10. Press [Tab] or [Enter] to start entering stock items.
If your supplier has applied a discount to stock on the invoice, tick the enable discounting option. Click HERE to learn more.
If you wish to add notes to the invoice overall (before closing it), click the Notes button in the top right. In the screen that appears, click Add to add a new note to the invoice.
You can also select an existing note from the list for this invoice, and click Edit to change it, or click Delete to remove the note.

Editing Invoice Arrival

An existing invoice can have the items changed/edited, but the details at the top of the invoice need to be changed in a different area (e.g. Invoice date, freight amount).
To change the invoice header information, click into Utilities on the right of Invoice Arrivals.
Then, click Change the details for an invoice that you have already received.
Select or find the invoice you wish to change by clicking the Select an Invoice button at the top.
When the details of that invoice are shown, you can make changes and click Save at the bottom.

You can edit the contents of an existing invoice that has already been arrived by doing the following:
  1. Select the supplier name at the top.
  2. Type in and select the invoice number to edit.
  3. Press [Tab] on the keyboard. Confirm and enter any passwords to continue.
  4. You can now change the details of arrival items in the list or arrive new items on this invoice. See next part for arriving new items.
  5. To make changes, simply right click on an item and select the desired action in the menu. Menu options are explained further below.
If you wish to add notes to the invoice overall , click the Notes button in the top right. In the screen that appears, click Add to add a new note to the invoice.
You can also select an existing note from the list for this invoice, and click Edit to change it, or click Delete to remove the note.

Arriving Stock Items Manually

  1. Retailer has three methods of selecting stock to arrive - Supplier Stock Code, Barcode or PLU. Press [F6] on the keyboard to cycle between these options.
  2. Scan, type or press [Enter] on the keyboard to bring up the Find A Stock Item screen and select the item. If you need to add this item, click  Add  on the bottom left and follow the prompts. 
  3. Enter the  Quantity Received .
  4. Enter the  Individual Cost  and  Individual Sell  price for this item.
  5. Press  Save  or the [Tab] key. This item will now appear in the lower half of the Invoice Arrivals screen, and the invoice total figures on the bottom right will increase.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 to arrive more stock items.
  7. When you’ve finished adding items, simply close the Invoice Arrivals screen. Your progress is automatically saved.

Other Options

The grid on the lower half of the Invoice Arrivals screen has some hidden features, available by right-clicking on an item.

  • Print a label for this item  - Opens the Setup Barcodes and Labels screen, allowing you to select the type of barcode you’d like to print, and the quantity. The label will then be queued up in Barcode Manager/Label Manager.
  • View in Stock Screen  - Opens the details of the selected item in the Stock Screen.
  • View Grid in Arrival Order  - Sort the arrival grid so that items are listed in the order they were arrived. Alternatively, click on any of the column headings to sort by that column.
  • Change Barcode  - Allows you to change the current barcode of the selected stock item to another barcode.
  • Delete Stock Received  - Removes the selected item from the arrival.
  • Edit Serial Number - If you have serial numbers enabled for this item, allows you to change them.
  • Edit Arrival - Allows you to re-arrive the item, changing quantity, pricing etc.


On the top right of the Invoice Arrivals screen, click on the  Utilities  button. This gives you access to a number of helpful functions, as follows:

  • Change the details for an invoice that you have already received  - Opens an invoice editing screen, allowing you to change the supplier, invoice number, invoice date, freight charge and order number of the selected invoice.
  • Change the cost prices of all stock items  - Allows you to change an invoice from inc-GST to ex-GST and vice versa.
  • Reprint labels  - Opens the Barcode Labels screen, giving you a series of options to reprint barcode labels. 
  • Merge 2 invoices together  - Allows you to merge together two different invoices from the same supplier.
  • Print an invoice arrivals report  - Opens the setting page for the Invoice Arrivals Report.