The Advanced Stock Search feature allows you to use additional parameters to narrow down your searches, making searching through your stock database quicker and more efficient.

Using Advanced Stock Search

  1. Open the Find Stock screen. This can be accessed by pressing enter in areas you would usually enter a barcode, including the Point of Sale screen. It can also be accessed through the Stock Screen by clicking the magnifying glass icon.
  2. Click Advanced Search near the bottom. The Advanced Stock Search screen will appear. All the options are explained below and can be combined to produce a more specific search result. Any section can optionally be left blank.
  3. In Keywords enter the key words you are searching for.
    1. In Search By, select between searching for Stock Description, Author, Serial Number or Supplier Stock Code.
    2. There are four Keyword Search Methods to choose from. See the Keyword Search Methods section below for a more detailed explanation
      1. AND - Only show results that match all the keywords.
      2. OR - Show results that have any of the keywords.
      3. ADVANCED - Allows you to search for part of a Keyword
      4. SIMPLE - Search for whole keywords only
  4. Tick Web Store Item Only to limit your search results to web store items.
  5. In Department or Category, select a department and/or category to search within.
  6. In Sell Price Range, enter a price range to search within.
  7. In Supplier, select a supplier to search within.
  8. In Catalogues, select a catalogue to search within. Ticking Active Catalogues Only will limit your choices to currently active catalogues.
  9. In the Class tab you can search for stock with particular Stock Classifications:
    1. Tick the Include tick-box for each class to search within.
    2. In Class Value, type in the values to search for.
  10. In the Variant tab you can search for stock with particular Variants:
    1. Tick the Include tick-box for each variant to search within.
    2. In Value, select the variant value to search for.
  11. In Tags. Click HERE for more info on Tags
    1. In the drop-down box, enter the name of the tag to search for. You can also click the Ellipsis (...) button to quickly select multiple tags.
    2. Press [Enter] on your keyboard.
    3. Repeat the process to add multiple tags for the item.
  12. Click Search.
See Automatically Use Advanced Stock Search for steps to open the Advanced Search screen automatically when searching for stock