Retailer 3.2.2.X Update Notes

Retailer 3.2.2.X Update Notes

New Integrations 

  1. Slyp Digital Receipts - 
    Slyp digital receipting is a technology platform that replaces paper receipts with digital ones. Slyp generates and sends digital receipts directly to customers' smartphones or other devices via SMS or directly to their banking app (Selected banks). Slyp's digital receipting simplifies the receipt process, reduces paper waste, and enhances the overall customer experience.
    Click HERE to learn more.  

  2. Staff Rostering - With this addition, you and your team will experience unprecedented convenience and efficiency in managing staff schedules and attendance with the above integrated providers.
    Seamless Integration: The new staff roaster view will seamlessly integrate with your existing Point of Sale screen and main screen. Now, you can easily access staff provider rosters directly from within the retailer platform, streamlining your workflow like never before.
    Hassle-Free Clock-In/Clock-Out: We understand the importance of time management for your business. That's why our updated software allows your staff to use the clock-in/clock-out facilities without the need for logging into external websites. It's all conveniently accessible right within the retailer application.
    Real-Time Staff Visibility: With the roster view, you gain real-time insights into the staff scheduled for the day. This comprehensive view empowers you to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.
    Click HERE to learn more.  

    Deputy -
    Click HERE to learn more.  

    PlanDay by (Xero) -
    Click HERE to learn more.

Tanda -
Click HERE to learn more.

New Features

  1. POS Variant upsell facility 
    - This new features allow you to easily upsell related variants directly from the POS screen. This means that you can now leverage the power of variants to upsell associated items effortlessly.
    Click HERE to learn more.  

  2. Variant filtering facility 
    This new features allow you to easily see variants values in the Stock Variants screen. This means that you can filter to only show stock items of a particular variation, eg. only products in a certain colour.
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  3. Google Address - Auto complete - This is a new feature to retailer that will utilise the Google Maps platform to auto complete address information into retailer, This allows sites to significantly speed up the time capturing and entering customer address information whilst ensuring the accuracy of the data being entered.
    This facility will be available for both Australian & New Zealand sites but addresses will only auto complete for the country they are in, International addresses will require manual input.
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Other Changes

  1. Audit Log - Improved logging for Static Qty Changes
  2. Allotrac - Inclusion of Mobile number in Job notes
  3. Barcode Lookup - Fixed issue when updating details from stock screen not updating images
  4. Dispatch - Improved validation on delivery items for new jobs
  5. End of shift 
    1. Fixed an issue mouse wheel 
    2. Fixed an issue when in multistore using similar terminal names
    3. Fixed a report issue with staff report 
  6. Events - Fixed timeout issue on large datasets
  7. Invoice Arrivals
    1. Fixed issue when arriving multiple orders saving date as the same invoice number
    2. Fixed issue splitting freight on GST free items
    3. Added Variant details to invoice arrival screen
  8. Mail Queue - New Resend all failed option
  9. Orders
    1. Order by sales - Fixed filtering issue with pending and sent orders in a multistore environment
    2. Orders Maintenance - Removed Email Order button from Print Order screen to simplify emailing process. Use Send Order to Supplier button
  10. POS
    1. Fixed an issue when scanning price embedded barcodes with customer details
    2. New restriction to prevent cash out on eftpos refunds
    3. Enhanced integrated Eftpos Crash Recovery
    4. Improved performance when sending transaction to integrated eftpos terminals 
  11. Reports
    1. Fixed display issue with Multistore allocation report 
    2. Fixed issue with Interstore transfer report not displaying correctly
  12. Stock
    1. Added - Advance search will now remember the method last used
    2. Fixed issue with stock wizard warning on duplicated descriptions
    3. Fixed issue with stock wizard not saving images
    4. Fixed issue with last position in find stock screen when inactive stock disabled
    5. Fixed issue if altering weight details from stock manager
  13. Stocktake 
    1. Fixed issue if processing qtys greater than 100 million
    2. Fixed issue editing the sell price in multistore
  14. System
    1. Fixed issue where some sites could not active extra details in the stock screen
    2. Improved licencing when offline 
  15. Utilities - Fixed as issue when merging MFG items
  16. Weblink
    1. Fixed issue importing freight cost price
Items highlighted in Green indicate that these changes are from Software Ideas or requests from customers

  1. Accounting Link  - Introduced a setting for Xero & file transfer upload
  2. POS - Resolved an intermittent problem for sites utilizing "Linkly" Eftpos, which was causing duplication of Merchant dockets.
  3. POS - Addressed an issue affecting sites using "DPS" Eftpos.
  4. POS - Rectified the inconsistency in displaying accurate resolutions on Customer Displays.
  5. POS - Rectified a problem concerning the display of returned items on receipts.
  6. POS - Fixed an issue where discounts from previous days were not being properly displayed on receipts.
  7. Quote & Invoice Management - Solved an issue related to processing payments from non-account customers.
  8. Repairs - Corrected an problem within the repair wizard that was causing issues in assigning repairers.
  9. Runs (Newsagents) - Resolved an issue that was hindering the generation of delivery labels during runs.
  10. Subagents - Fixed a problem where saving subagent statements to PDF was not functioning correctly.
  11. Utilities - Addressed an issue that was previously preventing the successful import of PDE CSV files. 
  12. Utilities - Issue with importing catalogue file resolved.
  13. Utilities - Rectified a display problem that was affecting the import of supplier stock files.

  1. Barcode Lookup - Rectified errors that occurred when trying to add multiple images.
  2. POS - Resolved a problem where the Customer display consistently launched on monitor 1.
  3. Reports - The Stock Turn Report is currently experiencing difficulties in execution.
  4. Staff Clock - Audit logs for Check-in/Out have been addressed.

  1. Email/Slyp - Fixed issue with Retailer Backup causing email to get stuck as 'new'.
  2. ePay - Fixed product list download issue.
  3. New PC - Fixed errors when adding new terminal
  4. Slyp - Fixed Incorrect/Blank Store Name (Multi-Store).
  5. Customer & Subagent Statements - Fixed issue with ABN not appearing correctly (Multi-Store).

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