Upselling Variants in the POS Screen

Upselling Variants in the POS Screen

Introduced in Retailer 3.2.2, you can now quickly find other variants of a stock item and instantly add them to a sale without leaving the POS screen.
For more general information about variants, click HERE

Viewing Variants in the POS Screen / Adding Variants to Current Sale

Scan a variant item into the POS screen. By clicking (or tapping) on the item that has been added to the sale, you will open the Stock Details window. This window will now list all the alternative variants for the item.
To sort the list of variants, tap the name of one of the columns (eg. tap SIZE to order the variants by size, if this is one of the options). If you click the little symbol to the right of the column name, you can also filter the variants to quickly find the one you are looking for. Click HERE for more help with filtering.

To add variants to your current sale, use the plus/minus symbols on the right-hand side of this window to change the quantities. When you click 'OK' at the bottom, the items will be added to the current sale.

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