Retailer 3.2.1.X Update Notes

Retailer 3.2.1.X Update Notes

Credit Card Data in Retailer

In the past, we allowed you to store customer credit card data for various convenience related reasons.  However given recent hacks etc it is no longer feasible to allow you to store this data against customers in  Retailer.  In version 3.2 this data will be permanently deleted as part of loading the update. 
If you are still using the stored credit card data you will need to migrate this data to another service that can store this data securely before loading the update. 
Our recommendation is that you use Stripe (   We use this service ourselves and have found it to be easy to use and very secure.

New Integrations 

  1. Open AI (Chat GPT) 

  2. As an AI language model, ChatGPT is capable of generating well-written product descriptions that can help businesses and individuals effectively market their products. Here are some steps that ChatGPT can follow to create a high-quality product description:

    Understand the product: Before writing a product description, ChatGPT needs to have a clear understanding of the product, including its features, benefits, and target audience. This can be achieved by analyzing the product specifications, customer reviews, and other relevant information.

    Highlight the features: Once ChatGPT understands the product, it can start describing the features that make it unique and valuable. These features can include anything from the materials used to create the product, to its size, color, shape, and functions.

    Explain the benefits: Along with the features, ChatGPT can explain the benefits of the product, such as how it can solve a problem, make life easier, or enhance the user's experience. By focusing on the benefits, ChatGPT can create a compelling case for why someone should purchase the product.

    Use persuasive language: To make the product description more persuasive, ChatGPT can use language that appeals to the emotions and desires of the target audience. This can include phrases such as "Imagine how much easier your life would be with this product" or "You deserve to treat yourself to this luxury item."

    Include details: To give the customer a clear picture of the product, ChatGPT can include specific details such as dimensions, weight, and materials. These details can help the customer make an informed decision and feel more confident about their purchase.

    Conclude with a call to action: Finally, ChatGPT can conclude the product description with a call to action, such as "Buy now and start enjoying the benefits of this amazing product" or "Don't wait – get your hands on this must-have item today."

    By following these steps, ChatGPT can create a well-written product description that effectively promotes the product and encourages customers to make a purchase.

    Click HERE to learn more.  

New Features

  1. Retailer Knowledge Base -  This new features allow you to easily access knowledge-based articles from retailer. Once you are in the section of retailer you are looking for help on you just need to pre the "F1" key and you web browser will display all related knowledge base articles

  2. Trade & Webstore Markups  Added the ability to apply separate markups for both trade pricing & webstore pricing. This can be applied to both departments & category levels on either
    - Percentage off retail
    - Percentage above cost inc
  3. Mobile Number enhancements -  With the recent changes we made to mobile numbers to ensure the integrity & searchability of numbers we have now applied a mask to the mobile number field to make it easier to read the mobile number.
  4. Order by Sales - stock manager integration - We have now integrated the ability to create lists in stock managers and send them to the order by sales module. This will enable you to utilise the order by sales features from a custom made list
  5.  Write Off Notes - We have added the ability to add notes to writeoffs these can also be printed on the write off report 

Other Changes

  1. Audit Log - Fixed issue when security bridge enabled
  2. Barcode Lookup 
    1. Fixed an issue whereby in somecases the image failed to import
    2. Enhanced the error handling 
  3. End of shift 
    1. Fixed an issue when entering manual floats
    2. Fixed a report issue when total sold equaled 0
    3. Fixed a report issue for multistore sites whereby average sales not calculating correctly
  4. Loyalty
    1. Fixed a speed issue when printing receipts with loyalty points  
  5. Repairs
    1. Job Cards - Fixed issue where data sometimes overlapped
  6. Reports
    1. Stock Listing Report - Fixed an issue when more then 1 locale was used  
    2. Manual Stocktake listings - Further enhancements to allow the generation on a stocktake list level
  7. Secondhand Goods
    1. Fixed an issue that allowed secondhand goods to be saved without staff or customer details
  8. Stock
    1. Fixed an issue when creating new variant items
  9. Utilities
    1. Added customer discount profile to customer export. See HERE for more information
  10. Valuations
    1. Added search capabilities to the find valuation form
  11. Weblink
    1. Now excludes all catalogues flagged as officesmart
Items highlighted in Green indicate that these changes are from Software Ideas or requests from customers

New Features

  1. Stop Selling below Zero - You can now enable a setting to password protect selling below a quantity of Zero.  Please see advice here to learn about this feature 
  2. Disable Same Day Redemption for Discount Vouchers - New setting added to disable the ability to redeem a discount voucher on the day of issue. To disable this Go to Setup --> Vouchers --> Discount Vouchers --> Settings and untick 'Allow Same Day Voucher Redemption'
  3. Pack item description enhancements - You now have the ability to have a prefix or a suffix for you pack descriptions. See HERE for more information
  4. Advanced Stock Search - This search is now faster and does update immediately. The search by default will not search for all matches of the keywords including if it occurs inside another words. Use Simple to only search for the exact keywords you have provided. See HERE for more information

Other changes

  1. An issue where an error occurred emailing data sheets with receipts is resolved.  
  2. A bug with Bulk exporting stock images by date range is resolved.
  3. Added support for 22 prefix on price embedded barcodes
  4. Fixed an issue with auto sell price calculations on manufactured goods and multistore
  5. Repairs will again show the mobile number on the repair.
  6. You can again generate the Detailed Takings report with Exclude Agency enabled. 
  7. When adding a mobile number from a customer the cursor position is now ignored making it easier to add the number.
  8. Fixed the Fatal error in End Of Shift that occurs when the scroller was used in a screen without scroll bars.
  9. Corrected an issue that can occur doing a bulk supplier update using stock manager. 
  10. Fixed an issue with manually allocated loyalty points not expiring correctly.
  11. Fixed an issue with Tags being incorrectly assigned to items.

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