A website is a hungry beast. What you get out of it depends on how you feed it.  

The following list of tips is based on what we do for our successful websites:

1. Update your business & social profiles

You’re on Facebook or Instagram, but when was the last time you checked your Google or Apple map listing? Ensure customers can easily find your brand new website.  

2. Inform your instore customers

Print an A4 poster with your website address & prompt customers to order online. Pop one on the counter or in your store front. Take it one step further and include a handy QR code Online QR Code Generator For more info: Budget-friendly Marketing tips

3. Engage customers online

With each online order customer details are added to your customer database. Use Shopify’s easy email marketing tools or find one that’s right for you.  To get started, consider importing customer details or add a newsletter sign up to your site.

Most importantly, don’t forget to plug your website each time your share updates on your socials. i.e. new product arrivals For more info: Budget-friendly Marketing tips

4. Continue to add stock

Make sure that your stock titles are up to date, that they have the correct webstore prices and remove items that are sold out, that you no longer stock.

5. Ensure products are easy to find

Important brand and product info should be searchable and found in product titles & descriptions. Collection descriptions should be at least 350 characters long and in the first 350 characters should contain the keywords, repeated 5 times throughout.. More info: SEO Advice for Shopify

6. Start a blog

We recommend you run a blog for your site. Creating new and fresh content for your site is a great way to improve your SEO ranking. Some blog ideas maybe: Seasonal Products, New Stock Range, Tips & Tricks for your industry based on a certain product/collection. Use the 350 word rule. For more info read. Related: Blog advice for website traffic

Final & most important tip:

7. Schedule regular check-ins

How often do you change store displays or bring in new product arrivals? Use instore changes as guide on what you can do online.
Use Shopify’s analysis & reporting to see what’s working and what’s not. This is invaluable information to see where you can take your website next.
Keep your website visually refreshed with new homepage content. Consider a new style or theme every 18 months to keep customers interested.