Writing unique and thoughtfully crafted collection and product descriptions are important because each individual page of your webstore is crawled and ranked on Google. This determines where you show in search results, which can determine traffic, which can determine sales.

Writing Collection and Product Descriptions

  1. Identify the Key Words related to the product/collection, words people search with.
    1. This may be the Title, brand, or a key detail about the product/collection
    2. For each of these key words, make sure you use them between 3-5 times throughout the description.
    3. For Products – Pick 1 key word and focus on that
    4. For collections – Pick 2-4 key words and put them in the descriptions
  2. 320 Characters:
    1. You want the length of these descriptions to be a minimum 320 characters.
  3. Must be Readable:
    1. Remember that the descriptions/titles/blog articles that you write must be readable. You can’t just jam in keywords, because Google and other search engines are able to detect this, and it will work against you.
  4. Product Details:
    1. When writing product descriptions, make sure to include key facts about this product:
      1. Dimensions
      2. Brand
      3. Australian Made?
      4. Is it available for instore only?
      5. Is it not available for shipping?
      6. Does it make a good gift?

A tip on writing product descriptions: think of questions people could ask, and write the answers as part of the description.  

What are keywords in SEO, keywords that will help you with Google?

  • Keywords are the words and phrases that users are querying (searching) on Google.
  • Keywords are important, because they are the link between what people are searching for and the content on your website. Keywords are as much about your audience as they are your content. What you as the merchant may describe one way, customers and users may describe in with a different phrase
  • Keywords change, too, so you have to keep at it.

A website is a hungry beast. Keep it fed and it will be happy. Data is what feeds it.