How to Add a Customer

How to Add a Customer

There are 2 ways to add a customer in Retailer:
  1. Customer Screen
  2. Find Customer Screen

Customer Screen

  1. On the main screen of Retailer, click on the Customers icon. Alternatively, click on Customers -> Customer Screen on the top menu bar of Retailer.
  2. On the bottom-left, click on Add.
  3. Enter the customer's details as required.
  4. Click Save.

Find Customer Screen

  1. The Find Customer Screen can be accessed from any screen where you search for a customer. For example, pressing [F9] from the Point of Sale screen.
  2. On the bottom-left, click on Add.
  3. In the Customer Name and Address screen, enter in the contact and address details.
  4. In the Additional Contact Details screen, enter in additional details about the customer.
  5. In the Other Details screen, enter in the options as you require.
  6. Click Finish.

See Setting up Add Customer Screen for details on customising the add customer screen

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