Updating and converting from Retailer 2 to Retailer 3

Updating and converting from Retailer 2 to Retailer 3

If you are using Retailer version 2, and updating to the new Retailer 3, you will need to update in stages.

Retailer 3 has not been tested on Windows XP or Windows 7, and you should upgrade if you have them.
The computer minimum requirements for Retailer 3 can be found HERE.

For detailed steps on how to run each update on each terminal, click HERE.

You are strongly advised to do these updates during business hours Monday - Friday as the updates can be complicated and if something goes wrong, the After Hours contacts will be limited in their ability to help you. They may not even have access to computers.
If necessary, you can run these updates just on the main Server computer first, but you cannot open Retailer on any other terminals until the whole process in this advice is finished.

You must first update to the last Retailer version 2 - Retailer

Then, you need to run the update to Retailer
The process at this stage will likely take longer than normal, depending on your computer, and the size of your data. Businesses running old computers and large databases of customers and sales can take up to 2 hours to do this.

Finally, you can run the update to the Current version of Retailer (as listed in the Downloads page).
If you have only been updating the main Server up to this point, you must now update all other POS terminals to the Current version of Retailer.
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