The Barcode Manager allows you to control the printing of barcodes through both a regular A4 printer as well as a dedicated label printer.

Enabling the Barcode Manager

To begin using the Barcode Manager, it needs to be enabled first. To do this:
  1. From the main screen of Retailer, click on Setup -> Point of Sale.
  2. Then click on the Terminals tab.
  3. In Label Printing Options, select Barcode Manager.
  4. Click Save and Close.

Using the Barcode Manager

There are a couple of ways to access the Barcode Manager:
  • Click on Stock -> Barcode Manager from the main screen of Retailer.
  • Click on Stock Maintenance -> Barcode Manager on the top menu bar.
The grid in Barcode Manager shows the queue of labels.
  1. Only items marked as No in the Printed column will be printed.
  2. Columns can be shown/hidden. See Changing Columns
Double click a Stock Item in Barcode to open the Stock Screen

Printing Barcode Options

  1. Use Show Barcodes and Show Shelf Labels to change what type is to be printed
  2. If ticked, Force print to default printer overrides the Barcode Manager printer settings and prints to the windows default printer
  3. If Auto Print when queue full is ticked, barcodes will automatically be printed when there are enough labels to fill a sheet.
  4. Tick Print number beneath Code-128 to print barcode number under barcode
  5. Tick Print Invoice Header label to print a label with Invoice Details at the start of its respective labels.
  6. The options beneath the Barcode Manager grid allow an order in which labels are printed to be set

Barcode Manager Buttons

  1. Reset
    1. Resets the "Printed" status of all labels to No.
  2. Print
    1. Prints all unprinted labels, used for an A4 printer.
  3. Print Label Printer
    1. Prints all unprinted labels, used for a dedicated label printer.
  4. Shelf Label Settings
    1. Allows you to change how shelf labels print on the label sheets. Click HERE to learn more.
  5. Add/Edit Labels
    1. Allows you to add or customise labels. See Creating / Editing a Custom Barcode / Shelf Label
  6. Delete Record
    1. Deletes the selected label from queue
  7. Clear Queue
    1. Clears the entire queue of labels.
  8. Printer Settings
    1. Allows you to choose which printer to use for A4 label sheets (unless overridden by default printer option) or a Label Blaster printer. There is also the Advanced Settings section for Blaster Label alignment.
  9. Barcode Settings
    1. Allows you to change alignment and how barcode labels print on A4 label sheets. Click HERE to learn more.
  10. Label Setup Utility
    1. Allows you to add additional labels to the queue. Click HERE to learn more.

Click HERE for steps on printing labels in Barcode Manager.