Here are the brief steps to print labels for stock in Barcode Manager.

For more information on setting up Barcode Manager, click HERE.

Add labels to the queue using the Label Setup Utility, through the Stock Screen OR through the Invoice Arrivals screen. Click on each option to learn more about them.

  1. From the main screen of Retailer, click on Stock Maintenance -> Barcode Manager
  2. Check the QTY’s of the labels per stock item. Manually adjust if needed by clicking into the grid.
  3. Select the order in which the labels print out under Printing Barcode Options (optional).
  4. If printing to an A4 printer, click on Print (make sure you have loaded the A4 label sheets into the printer).
  5. If printing to a label printer, click on Print Label Printer.
  6. Once all the labels have printed, click on Clear Queue. This will delete the labels and make the screen ready for the next lot of labels.