Retailer 3.2.4.X Update Notes

Retailer 3.2.4.X Update Notes

New Integrations 

  1. Linkly CloudV2
    • Multistore sites can now utilize the Linkly platform.
    • Connect multiple POS systems to a single EFT terminal, allowing you to decrease the number of EFT pin pads in your business and reduce rental costs. 
    •  No additional software is needed, leading to fewer components in your system and reducing potential points of failure.
    • Please see the advice here for current list,  Supported Retailer EFTPOS Integrations

New Features

  1. Self Checkout Kiosk
    -  This new facility is designed specifically for small local businesses. This innovative software allows customers to scan items, process payments, and receive receipts autonomously, with the option to finalise the transaction at the main counter if required. It integrates seamlessly with existing catalogue prices, and discount voucher programs used in the business. The software is available for a flexible monthly rental, with a single fee covering multiple self-checkout terminals per site. Key features include integration with Tyro and Linkly Cloud for EFTPOS, customisable start-up and sale close images, and optional hardware purchase directly from Tower Systems or elsewhere. This solution is aimed not at reducing labor costs, but at enhancing sales efficiency and customer throughput, potentially leading to staff expansion due to improved service quality. Our self-checkout Kiosk software reflects our commitment to offering advanced, adaptable solutions in the competitive retail market.

    1. EFTPOS Terminal Surcharging  
      This new feature allows you to apply EFTPOS surcharges to transactions based on the card presented at the terminal. This ensures compliance with government requirements for charging surcharges. This feature is available for the following EFTPOS providers and must be activated by your bank: See EFTPOS Surcharges
      ii. Linkly (Cloud V2)
      iii. Tyro
      iv. MX51
      v. Smartpay
      Tyro customers who already have terminal based surcharging enabled via the Tyro terminal will need to enable this option in Retailer for it to continue working after the update.

    2. Changing Customer transactions from Invoice to Cash during the sale.  
      -  When performing a transaction on a customer you can click the button next to the customer name to switch between invoices and cash sales. See Perform Cash Sale For Account Customer

    3. Titlepage - The URL or address for title the Title page API is changing.  To ensure you can use the facility after the change you need to lead this update. 

    4. ZipPay TLS Security Protocol  for this API is changing.  To ensure you can use the facility after the change you need to lead this update. 

    Other Changes

    1. Customers
      1. Added the ability to record transaction notes when processing payments from the customer screen
    2. End of shift 
      1. On the Detailed Takings Report you can now itemise the report by sales source.  
      2. Fixed the issues with 'Date last arrived' option in the Detailed Sales Report.
    3. Invoice Arrivals
      1. Resolved issues allowing you to arrive orders with a blank invoice number
      2. Resolved issues allowing invoice creation with no name and stock arrival without loading invoice details.
      3. Corrected a bug where null prices in the Freight screen would wipe prices off items in an invoice.
      4. Fixed the inability to search by date in the Edit Invoice Details Utility.
      5. Resolved the issue where the Edit Arrival option was not working for PLU\Blank SSC.
    4. Intergration
      1. Added a new option to MX51 to suppress MOTO merchant password required
    5. Orders
      1. Fixed the issue where 'Order by sales' always attaches to a pending order.
      2. Resolved a calculation issue on total if supplier is not registered for gst and freight included
      3. The Stock Item Notes icon now correctly indicates notes on first load within Orders Maintenance.
      4. Addressed the issue where closing the orders window leaves records in orphaned stock with no corresponding orders record
      5. Eliminated duplication when finding orders (C,O) in Orders Maintenance.
    6. POS
      1. Ensured the Delivery Details window saves the set height.
      2. Relocated the gift voucher redemption value on the Compact Sale Banner.
      3. Payout department items are no longer usable as a negative item on Laybys.
      4. Fixed the double prompt for Serial Number in Layby Management.
      5. Corrected Access Violation errors when using 'Print Last Receipt (F12)' if the last sale was deleted.
      6. Restored missing OK and Cancel buttons in the POS Summary.
      7. Fixed the issue where temporary descriptions were lost after the End of Shift in POS Receipts.
    7. Repairs
      1. Addressed a fatal error occurring when multiple Repair Types with values existed (Multistore).
      2. Ensured the 'Hide cost price' setting is observed in the Internal Job Card.
    8. Reports
      1. Solved the issue preventing printing of barcode labels from the Price Change Report.
      2. Fixed misplacement of Customer Payments in the Unknown Column of the Staff Sales By Department Report.
      3. Resolved endless loop issue in Stock Item Report generation when the report is exactly one page long.
      4. Added Totals for 'Date Last Arrived' in the Detailed Takings Report.
      5. Improved the speed of the Gift Voucher Report.
    9. Stock
      1. Fixed freezing issue in other terminals when editing locales.
      2. Resolved the problem of Pack Barcode being lost when creating a Pack Item in the Stock Screen.
      3. Addressed the issue where crediting a pack item at 0 quantity caused a double stock increase.
      4. Corrected the 'Use Last Item Arrived' feature not retaining pricing information in the stock wizard.
      5. Improved the 'Find similar item' feature to exclude group tags.
      6. Resolved an issue whereby certain sequencences in stocktake could create BCD overflow error
    10. Suppliers & Departments
      1. Fixed UI issue where bottom buttons were hidden on small screens.
      2. Resolved the inability to update Supplier Notes in Multi-Store setups.
    11. Utilities
      1. Fixed an issue with Change/Merge utility not changing barcodes with apostrophes.
    12. Weblink
      1. Added 'Weblink Full Sync' under Main Screen Menu Selection: Weblink - Tasks.
      2. Fixed case sensitivity in Customer Email check for importing web sales.
      3. Implemented a 'Clear all notifications' option.
    Items highlighted in Green indicate that these changes are from Software Ideas or requests from customer.

    1. GUI - Fixed an issue where some grid headings were obsured by the filter icon
    2. Repairs - Fixed an issue when printing customer job cards

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