Account customers are defined in Retailer as customers who can purchase goods on an account and pay that account on a later date.
Click HERE for more information about account customers.

By default, any sale to an account customer is processed as an invoice sale. It goes against their account and their balance increases. However, there may be times where that customer wants to pay for their goods instantly as a cash sale.

In Retailer 3.2.4, there is now a button in the top left corner of the POS Screen. When clicked, the current sale will change between an Invoice Sale and a Cash Sale

For older versions of Retailer:
  1. In the Point of Sale screen, begin by scanning the stock in.
  2. After all the stock has been scanned, click on the Customer Payments button. Alternatively, press [F11] on the keyboard.
  3. Locate and select the customer from the Find Customer Screen. Click OK.
  4. When prompted to pay for the items now, click Yes.
  5. You may then get a warning that this is a cash sale. Click OK.
  6. Close the pay menu.
  7. The Point of Sale screen will now show the words CASH SALE at the top of the screen with the customer's name next to that.
  8. Tender the sale as normal.