Export Stock Data from Retailer

Export Stock Data from Retailer

A CSV file of Stock can be extracted from Retailer using Stock Manager. This file can be used for updating Stock Items in Bulk or may be requested by External Stocktakers.
For updating stock items in bulk, we recommend performing the change in Stock Manager if possible. This removes the need for importing the data later.
  1. From the Main Screen of Retailer, click Stock Maintenance -> Stock Manager
  2. If the Stock Manager grid contains stock items, click on Remove  ->  Remove All
  3. Click on Search.
  4. In the Advanced Stock Search screen, enter your search criteria. See How to Use Advanced Stock Search
    Type an asterisk * in the Keywords box to list all stock items

  5. The Stock Manager grid will now display all stock items that match your search
  6. Click the Orange Asterisk * in the top left corner. Tick the columns you wish to show in the exported file.
  7. Click Send List To -> CSV File
  8. Navigate to a location to save the file in.
  9. Click Save.
Only selected Stock Items will be exported from Stock Manager. See Filtering in Stock Manager for more information on filtering data in Stock Manager
If you wish to import the file back into Retailer to update stock items, make sure the Barcode, Description, Sell and Supplier columns are selected

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