Software Version Mismatch Warning

Software Version Mismatch Warning

These instructions do not apply to warnings that mention Outpost. See Software Version Mismatch on Outpost
Retailer requires the same version of the software to be installed on all PCs.
You may see an Incorrect Software Version warning appear when opening Retailer for one of the following reasons:
  1. You have updated your Main/Server PC without updating your POS/Office PCs.
    1. You need to install the update on ALL PCs after updating the Main/Server PC
  2. You have updated your POS/Office PC without updating your Main/Server first
    1. You need to install the update on the Main/Server PC first then on any other POS/Office PCs that have not been updated
  3. You have opened Retailer on a POS/Office PC before installing the update
    1. You need to install the update on the Main/Server PC again and then on any other POS/Office PCs that have not been updated. Do not open Retailer on a POS before installing the update.
See Installing Retailer Updates for detailed update steps or watch the Onboarding Video on Installing Retailer Updates

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