The Quote and Invoice Management facility in the Retailer software allows you to add, edit, maintain, and duplicate invoices for your customers and convert invoiced orders to supplier orders. This is useful for quotations, regular repeat orders, large stationery accounts, school booklists and batch orders.

When you do not have sufficient stock on-hand to fulfil a customer quote/invoice, you can create an order directly from the same screen.

Creating a quote will NOT change any quantities of stock, this will only be done when you turn the quote into an invoice or change it to a sale and finish it.

Creating a Customer Invoice / Quote

  1. From the main screen of Retailer, click on  Stock Maintenance ->  Quote and Invoice Management
  2. Click on the  Add  Invoice button .
  3. Type in the customer number of the customer being invoiced, or press [Enter] to find or add a customer.
  4. Enter a  Delivery Date  and the date that the stock is to be delivered to the customer.
  5. Enter a  Date Created  or leave it to be autofilled with today.
  6. Click on  Delivery Details  to enter special invoice address details or instructions. 
  7. Enter  Order No.  - a purchase order number from the customer if required.
  8. Select a staff member.
  9. Add in  Freight  if required for this quote.
  10. Click on the Notes button to add a note for the overall invoice/quote.
    In the Notes screen, click Add at the bottom to add a note. Select an existing note from the list and click Edit to change it, or Delete to remove it from this quote / invoice.
  11. Click  Add Stock  to start adding product. 
  12. Select from one of the following  Price To Use  options: 
    • Normal/Catalogue - Adds stock at its Retail Price. If the item is in a current catalogue, it will invoice at the catalogue's price.
    • Discount Profile - Adds at the price based on that customer’s Discount Profile. Click  HERE  to learn about discount profiles.
    • Discount / Set Manual Price - When each item is added to the quote, a Discount Sale window pops up allowing you to manually set the price or discount.
    • Trade Price – This uses the Trade Price set up in the system. Click  HERE  to learn about trade prices.
  13. In the  Barcode/PLU  field, scan or type the item barcode, press F6 to use supplier stock code or press the [Enter] key to bring up the Find Stock Screen. 
  14. Enter the quantity ordered and press the [Tab] key.
  15. Click the Notes button in Notes column to add a notes for specific stock items.
    In the Notes screen, click Add at the bottom to add a note. Select an existing note from the list and click Edit to change it, or Delete to remove it from this quote / invoice.
  16. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for all other stock items.
  17. Click  Save .
  18. Click  Apply Discount  to apply a discount over the whole quote.

While the Invoice is showing a status of Quote, it is still a Quote and can be edited at any time. Editing a quote will change prices to the current stock price in the system.
When an item is added to a quote, the quantity supplied will be set according to the current quantity on hand (it will show backorders of remaining items if quantity is insufficient).
This can be changed so that it always uses the quantity ordered for the item. Click HERE to see where to change the settings which will apply to all future quotes/invoices.

Copying a Customer Invoice / Quote

If a customer’s order is similar to a previous invoice, you can copy the old invoice rather than building a new one from scratch. The copy can then be edited.

Copying a quote can change prices to the current stock price in the system.

This function is also useful for doing school list orders, where you have many orders to create using similar stock and quantities.

  1. From the Quote and Invoice Management screen, click on the magnifying glass icon and find the invoice that you want to copy.
  2. Click on  Copy Invoice .  The invoice will be copied.
  3. To change the customer for the copied invoice, click on  Edit.
    Then, clear the customer number on the top-left and press [Enter] to access the Find Customer Screen.
  4. If you need to adjust the quantities, you can click on  Add Stock  (if you haven't already).
    Then, double click on the quantity to change the Quantity Supplied (Stock item will be removed and re-added with new quantities). 

Printing/Emailing a Customer Invoice / Quote

  1. Click on the  Print  button.

    In the screen that appears, tick the boxes that you are wanting

      • Email –  This will email the Quote/Invoice.
      • Print  - This will print the Quote/Invoice.
      • Pickslip –  This will print a pickslip for the Quote/Invoice.
  1. Click on:
    • Preview  to view an on-screen version of the Quote/Invoice.
    • Print  to print/email the Quote/Invoice.
      (If no customer email is entered, Retailer will prompt for an email).

If you want to finalize/post the invoice against the customer's account, tick the  Invoice  tickbox as well before clicking on  Preview / Print .
For more information on finalizing/posting an invoice, click  HERE .