This advice below is about the best business approach to undertaking a stocktake.

For information on how to actually use the software for stocktaking, click HERE

Use the Latest Version of Retailer

Please ensure you have the latest version of Retailer installed prior to undertaking a stocktake.

Click HERE for a guide to updating Retailer.
For the process to be as easy as possible, you will need a wireless network – vital for OH&S reasons.

Adopt a Mobile Approach

  • The best way to do a stocktake in your business is by using a laptop (or laptops) or tablet computer with a scanner attached. While this may seem cumbersome, it is our best practice advice for speed, data integrity and the ability to address data issues you may encounter on the shop floor. It enables you to do simultaneous management work to ensure completely accurate data.
    NOTE: We suggest you use remote connect software, which allows you to operate one of your Retailer computers from another laptop/tablet and count this way. This approach means you do not need to purchase an additional software licence for the laptop. 
Click HERE for a guide to installing remote connection software.
  • The alternative is to use a PDE. The challenges with this are the many different PDEs and it is challenging to be expert in all. In addition, the PDE counts at that time and you load the data at a later time – meaning a gap in time in which sales could have been done. In relation to the software side, there are various forms of PDE software available that perform live data updates but we have seen this be problematic and so we do not use/recommend them.
  • Given the advances in technology, our best practice recommendation is either a laptop of tablet computer as either offers a better solution than a PDE.

Plan and Prepare for the Stocktake

  • Plan out how your stocktake will take place. Consider aspects such as time, staff and equipment.
  • Play out scenarios in your head that may happen during the stocktake and possible solutions. If you are unsure, feel free to contact Tower Systems Support for opinions.
  • For the physical stocktake, we suggest you approach the stocktake aisle by aisle, counting and rearranging stock as you go.

Perform a Backup Before Starting the Stocktake

  • Perform a backup to a separate USB drive before starting your stocktake. Keep this USB somewhere safe and do not use it. This is crucial if something goes wrong with your stocktake.

Print/Save a Copy of Stock On-Hand Levels

  • Print/Save a copy of the General Stock Listing Report for ALL stock items to use as a base.
    • From the top menu bar of Retailer, click on Reports -> Stock Reports -> Stock Listing Reports -> General Stock Listing.
    • In the settings, make sure All Departments and All Stock Items are ticked. Make sure Show Totals Only, Price List Only and Only Items that are Active are NOT ticked.
    • Click Preview or Print and save that copy somewhere safe.

Perform Rolling Stocktakes Throughout the Year

Once you have completed your first full stocktake, our advice is you engage in a rolling stocktake, doing parts of the business through the year. The Tax Office does not require businesses with full stock control implemented to do a stocktake at the end of the financial year. They will accept data from your system if you manage stock through the year.

A great way to accomplish this would be by using the Custom Stocktake feature.

Click HERE for more information on performing Custom Stocktakes.