Remotely Access a Store Computer

Remotely Access a Store Computer

There are a number of reasons you might need to remotely access a store computer to use Retailer, but the two most common are:

  1. Working from home / while travelling
  2. Stocktaking from a laptop or tablet
You can do this by using remote access software to control one of your store's computers over the internet. Think of it as having the screen, mouse & keyboard on a very long extension cord; you are still using the store computer to run Retailer, but you can see and control the computer from a distance. This means that:
  1. The store computer must be switched on to be accessed.
  2. You cannot remotely control the store computer and have somebody at the store use it at the same time.
  3. You will need a relatively stable internet connection for both computers.
  4. Retailer will respond as quickly as it normally would at the store.
Barcode scanners will still work remotely; most do not require installation.
There is a lot of software available for remote connection. We recommend TeamViewer (There may be a licencing cost) or Chrome Remote Desktop (Free).
Troubleshooting remote access software is not covered by Tower Support.


  1.  Choose which computer in the store to remotely access. This can be any computer with Retailer and Internet access. This computer and the main (if this computer isn't the main) will need to remain on. You can turn off the monitor.
  2. Install Teamviewer with the link
  3. Choose Custom installation - with Unattended Access Support
  4. Once the install has finished, you should see the Unattended access screen.
  5. Click Next, then enter a Password in both boxes. This is the password you will use to remote access the computer, so it should be a secure password. Then, click Next.
  6. Select I don't have a Teamviewer account, then click Next.
  7. On the last screen, it will show your ID. Write this down or take a photo as you will need this to connect in.
  8. Repeat above steps 2 - 7 on your home computer.
  9. Once Teamviewer is running at home, in the box under Partner ID, enter the ID from the work computer. Then, click Connect.
  10. Enter the password and click Log On.

Chrome Remote Desktop

  1. You will need Google Chrome installed on both the store computer and the computer you will be accessing it from. You need a Google account, and need to sign into it on both computers.
  2. Use the instructions HERE to setup and use Chrome Remote Desktop.

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