Doing a Backup is Your Responsibility

Backups are a critical part of your business and must be done every day you trade.

Your Retailer data contains all your sales history, stock listing and customer information.

If this information was lost you would need to start from scratch, nothing would scan and you would need to enter all of your stock and customer information in manually.

Re-entering all your stores information in Retailer will cost you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

How could I lose the data?

There are many ways you can lose data but the most common are physical failure of the hard drive or computer, accidental deletion of data, theft of hardware or a virus. You could be hit by a natural disaster like a fire, flooding or a spilled drink.

How do I know the backup has worked?

In the bottom right hand corner of Retailer you will see the last successful backup. If this is in red then the last successful backup is more than 2 days old.

You can also send a copy of your backup into Tower Systems for a free data check. We will check that there is no problem in the backup. Simply put your USB backup stick in a padded post bag and send it to us.

Options for doing a backup.

Backups don’t have to take a long time to run. Below are the 2 options for backing up we recommend.

Manually backing up onto USB sticks. Click HERE to learn how.

Backup your entire hard drive including your Retailer, documents and windows files automatically to the Tower Advantage backup service in the cloud. Click HERE to learn more.