This facility allows Multi store users to trade using Point of Sale when the Internet connection is down or faulty. Users get to set up automatic download frequency for data synchronising between Server and Local PC.

Before you can use MS Outpost it must first be setup. See Setting Up Multi Store Outpost

In MS Outpost mode you can only perform Cash Sale transactions meaning sales for items/goods. These transactions are not possible: loyalty sales, laybys sales, customers invoices/payments, customer putaways and electronic vouchers.

Starting MS Outpost on Local PC

Ensure you have installed the same version of Retailer on the local PC as the server.

  1. From the Windows Desktop, click on Retailer V3. A Terminal selection will appear. Please select the terminal name from the list.
  2. A Check Time and Date screen will appear. Please confirm the time and date then click OK.
  3. If there is newer data from the Server available, you will be prompted with another message "There is more recent data available to be imported. Would you like to import the file?". Click on Yes to proceed. This process will extract data and perform a Check Tables.
  4. Once this is finished, you can start using Retailer.

Uploading Sales Data to Server

When an Internet Connection is available again, you can upload your Outpost sale back into the Server.

Click HERE for a guide to uploading sales data to the server.