This article outlines how to setup and use the new Tabcorp (Tatts) Terminal connect. This allows you to download sales from your Lotto terminal directly in to your Point of Sale screen.  Negating the need to scan barcodes on tickets.  This should lead to easier till balancing and less mistakes.

Before completing the steps below you need to ensure that you have added all of the Lotto products into Stock by following the advice contained in the Lotto Barcodes article. If you have not done this you will not be able to process sales via Terminal Connect.


  1. From the Retailer Main Screen, click on Setup -> Third Party -> Terminal Connect.
  2. Tick  Enabled .
  3. Enter in your Store Identifier as supplied by XchangeIT or Tabcorp. NOTE: Store Identifiers should be entered in ALL CAPS
    You should contact xChangeIT about an account for Terminal Connect, if you don't have one already.
  4. Click on Save.
You must close out and restart Retailer before Terminal Connect will work

Setup Terminal Connect Button In POS Screen

  1. From the POS Screen, click the setup cog in the top right corner.
  2. Click on  Edit .
  3. Find a blank button on your layout where you want to put the Terminal Connect button and click on it.
  4. Under Button Type select  Shortcut.
  5. In  Shortcut,  click the ellipses (Button with ... on it) 
  6. Click  Additional Items  from the popup menu.
  7. Then, select  Terminal Connect  form the list.
  8. You will then see that the Button Text has been filled in and you can change the button colours, etc. 
  9. Click the cog again in the top right corner and click on  Save .

Performing Sales Using Terminal Connect

Sales can be performed in two ways, either by scanning the Customer Transaction receipt barcode or by selecting the sale from the Terminal Connect Interface. 

It is important to note that Terminal Connect will only store the last 15 minutes of transactions.

If you need to process a sale that is older than the 15 minutes, then these sales will need to be performed manually by scanning the ticket barcodes.   


Sell By Scanning Customer Transaction Receipt Barcode

  1. Once you have completed the sale on your lottery terminal go to your POS Register.
  2. Locate the Customer Transaction Receipt.  It should look similar to the example opposite.
  3. Scan the barcode on the bottom of the receipt. 
  4. Your POS screen will then be filled with the tickets included in the sale. 

This is the simplest method, however you do need to be careful to only scan the barcode on the Customer Transaction Receipt.  If you scan the barcode on a ticket then only a sale on the individual ticket will be recorded.  




Sell using the Terminal Connect Interface 

  1. Once you have completed the sale on your lottery terminal, go to your POS Register
  2. Press your 'Terminal Connect' button.
  3. You will then be presented with a list of sales completed by your agency.
  4. Locate your sale by using any combination of Barcode, Sales Value, Terminal or the date and time of the transaction and click on it. 
  5. Your POS screen will then be filled with the tickets included in the sale. 

Once the sale is added to your POS screen, you can add any additional items to your sale and complete the sale as normal.

Processing Wallet Sales using Terminal Connect

If you select a sale that has been paid for using the Digital Wallet, these will be on both the Terminal Connect interface screen and also once the sale is entered into the POS screen.  

Sales using the TabCorp Wallet will force you to end the sale using a newly added payment type called 'Tabcorp Account' for handling wallet sales.  If the sale total is higher than the wallet total, then you can choose to pay the amount remaining by any other payment type.  

You do not need to add the payment type, it will be created for you.