Stock History - Orders Maintenance

Stock History - Orders Maintenance

When creating a supplier order, you can select an item and look up its sales history.
If you need information on how to create and send a supplier order in Orders Maintenance, start by clicking HERE .

  1. Click on the item in the grid, and click Stock History on the right (just above the item grid).
  2. A new screen will appear to show you the sales history of the item, for a particular year.
  3. Select the year at the top, by clicking the arrows, or click on the year and type a new year in.
  4. Click Calculate when ready.
  5. The screen will list the sales history of the item, divided into the months of the year e.g. April, May, June
  6. The Quantity and dollar Amount of the item sold will show, with the previous year appearing first, and then the year you selected to its right, for comparison purposes (comparing the selected year against the previous year).
  7. There will be a variance shown after that for quantity and dollar amount, to show if sales have gone up or down since the previous year.

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