Retailer 3.3.X Update Notes

Retailer 3.3.X Update Notes

New Integrations 


  1. Decommissioning of Legacy AI Models: In line with OpenAI's recent announcement regarding the phased shutdown of several AI models, we have proactively taken steps to ensure a seamless transition for our users. The affected models have been decommissioned from our system to pave the way for more advanced and capable alternatives. See HERE
    Introduction of New AI Models: We are thrilled to introduce the addition of two groundbreaking AI models to our system:
    • GPT-3.5-turbo-instruct: An enhanced version designed to understand and execute instructions more efficiently, providing you with faster and more accurate responses.
    • GPT-4: The latest iteration in the GPT series, offering unparalleled AI capabilities with improved understanding, creativity, and contextual awareness.

New Features

  1. Quote & Invoice Management Stock Reservation Enhancement
      • New Facility: We are excited to introduce a new capability within our Quote & Invoice Management system that allows users to reserve items from their inventory. This ensures that your stock levels are accurately reflected, preventing overselling.
      • Proforma Invoice Status: A new interim status, "Proforma Invoice," has been added to our Quotes & Invoice management. This status acts as an accepted quote that has not yet been processed as an invoice but has already reduced the available stock quantity by moving it to a new "Reserved Quantity." This significant update allows you to issue proforma invoices to customers without making the reserved stock visible on your website or in-store.
      • We have enhanced the Quote & Invoice Management system to support the acceptance of deposits and progression payments for Proforma Invoices. This feature facilitates flexible payment options for your customers and streamlined financial management for your business.

    • Deprecated Feature Special Customer Orders
      1. We have enhanced the Quote & Invoice Management system to support the acceptance of deposits and progression payments for Proforma Invoices. This feature facilitates flexible payment options for your customers and streamlined financial management for your business.
    • Repairs Module - Ordering Parts Enhancement
      • New Feature: The ability to order parts directly from the Repairs Module has been introduced. This feature links part orders to the corresponding repair case, ensuring that parts are accurately tracked from order to delivery, and reducing the risk of misplacement.
      • New Substatus - Awaiting Parts: For better management and visibility, a new substatus, "Awaiting Parts," has been added to the Repairs Module. This helps workshop technicians easily identify which repairs are pending part arrivals. 
    • Recurring invoices
      • This new feature enables the creation of recurring invoices that can be automatically charged on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Designed to support businesses that provide regular services, such as; storage fees, subscription software billing or long term equipment rental, to customers, this feature ensures timely and consistent billing.
        See HERE
    • Kiosk Customer identification 
      1. Enhance customer interaction at your kiosks with our new customer identification feature. Customers can now identify themselves at the kiosk using their Mobile number or their customer barcode. This will prompt them about any unused discount vouchers available against their profile. This feature aims to enhance customer engagement and promote loyalty.

    Other Changes

    1. Customers
      1. Fixed: Payments made from the customer screen do not utilise gift voucher validation
    2. End of shift 
      1. Issue where layby cancellations without a fee are incorrectly displayed.
      2. Creation of multiple EOSTOTAL records for the same day resolved.
    3. Discount Vouchers
      1.  Removed Limitation:  For only one loyalty-converted voucher can be redeemed per sale.
    4. Gift Vouchers
      1. Workflow enhancement for issuing multiple personalized vouchers with user-assigned barcodes.
    5. Invoice Arrivals
      1. Resolved: Inability to edit arrivals for News Supplier.
      2. Fixed incorrect error message when applying freight with a total of $0 and unique invoice numbers.
      3.  Corrected error when saving after editing a price point.
    6. Integration
      1. Integration of new EDI system Henderson implemented.
    7. Kiosk
      1. Improved handling of database connection loss.
      2. Discount Vouchers Redemption Enhanced Prompt and Selection Interface.
      3. Grid now includes a setting for missing alternating grey banding.
    8. Loyalty
      1. Fixed issue where suspending a loyalty redemption sale does not remove the discount.
      1. Orders
        1. Immediate reversal of order upon deletion in invoice arrival without prompt has been addressed.
      2. Outpost
        1. Synchronization of client and server software versions improved.
        2. Issue with OP_Server zip file not being generated resolved.
      3. POS
        1. Fixed: Entering a negative quantity in POS screen and hitting [L] triggers a layby as if [CTRL]+[L] was pressed.
        2. UI overlap of company name with sale type indicator corrected.
      4. Quote & Invoice Management
        1. Resolved caching issue with EFTPOS surcharge for customer payments.
        2. Fixed display issue with quote total discount cutting off on large quotes/invoices.
        3. Variable price stock items now retain sell price when items are added or removed from a quote.
        4. Setup button functionality restored.
        5. Addressed fatal error after emailing/previewing a quote.
        6. Fixed issue with unsaved quote not clearing transaction in POS
        7. Added quote barcode to reports for enhanced tracking.
        8. Implemented Scanning of quotes from POS
      5. Repairs
        1. Fixed fatal errors when attempting to print a customer job card with 'Merge Multiple Repairs' selected.
        2. First repair job details added via the wizard are now saved correctly.
      6. Reports
        1. Staff Comparison Report: Fixed issue with the 'Treat Laybys as Sales' option.
        2. Staff Comparison Report: Resolved the problem of not tracking the number of new customers.
        3. Stock Listing Report: Long supplier stock codes are no longer cut off, especially with CSV export.
      7. Stock
        1. Corrected total quantity inaccuracies for linked stock when an arrival is present.
        2. Resolved variant linked stock items screen resizing issue.
        3. Fixed issues with tag names ending in spaces
        4. Resolved issue where new Locales were added with blank id
      8. Valuation 
        1. Fixed incorrect classification details when using price points in valuation.
      Items highlighted in Green indicate that these changes are from Software Ideas or requests from customer.

      • RE1-I856 Customers - Unable to perform bookups from customer screen on levels b3 ,b6 or b7 
      • RE1-I853 Quote & invoice Management - Update Report Templates to Reflect Dynamic Tax Number Prefix 
      • RE1-I854 Quote & Invoice Management - Removal of 'Tax Excluded InvoiceNZ' and 'Tax Included InvoiceNZ' Templates 
      • RE1-I855 Quote & Invoice Management - Tax-Excluding Invoice missing Terms & conditions 
      • RE1-I857 Quote and Invoice Management - Invoice\Proform Button 10 1024*768 resolutions 
      • RE1-I840 Retailer Backup - Cannot Pack Tables with Tower Events running

      • POS - Eftpos transaction occasionally locking "STAMPS" for some sites
      • Quote & Invoice Management- Serial Numbers Not updating allocated serial stamp table
      • Quote & Invoice Management -  Default State of "Invoice"  rather than Proforma via Alt + T Shortcut
      • Quote & Invoice Management - Pay Invoice by status issue
      • Quote & Invoice Management - SCO Migration (Multistore) Locations being overridden

      • Setup - System - Make ABN Prefix character restriction.
      • Retailer GUI - Scroll Bars
      • Import Supplier Stock File - Null fields / incorrect values in STOCK when importing new items from Supplier Stock File
      • POS - (Single Store) Ending Sale Speed on transactions greater than 10 items.
      • Quote & Invoice Management - Incorrect Reverse Status Warning
      • Quote & Invoice Management - Inclusion of Customer Mobile Number on label
      • Quote & Invoice Management - Proforma Payment Receipts don't print
      • Quote & Invoice Management - Proforma Payments Description updated
      • Customer - (Transaction Menu) Removal of SCO option
      • Customer - (Transaction Menu) Addition of Quotes option

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