Processing a sale consists of 2 steps:

  1. Entering items into the sale AND
  2. Tendering the sale.

Entering Items

You can enter items onto a sale using any one of the following ways:
  • Scanning/Typing in the barcode on an item.
  • Entering the item's PLU. This will bring up the latest issue (for magazines) or the current day's issue (for newspapers).
  • Pressing/Clicking a stock item touchscreen button.
  • Pressing the [Enter] key to select an item from the Find Stock Screen.
Click HERE for a guide to setting up touchscreen buttons.

Finalising the Sale

Once all the items have been entered, we need to finalise the sale. The following options are available to use:
  • Clicking on the respective quick pay $ amounts
  • Clicking on a quick tender touchscreen button, such as an EFTPOS shortcut.
  • Clicking on the Sub Total button to access different payment options.
    You can select the appropriate payment type from the menu that appears. By changing the number in the amount $ column, you can split payments across multiple payment types.
  • Clicking on the End Sale button to tender a cash sale for the exact amount.

If you type a number before hitting End Sale, that number will be treated as the amount of cash tendered. For example, if you type 4000 or 40.00 then hit End Sale, change will be calculated from $40.