Dispatch Management Managing Deliveries

Dispatch Management Managing Deliveries

This article will explain how to assign deliveries to drivers and options to view the dispatch screen.
From the main screen of Retailer, click on Customers in the top menu, and then Dispatch Management.

Assigning Jobs

You can drag and drop each delivery, and change the delivery date/time and other details.
To create a new delivery, see Dispatch Management Creating Deliveries

Drag and drop to change assignment

Click and drag the deliveries to the resource you want to use, in the desired time slot.
You can drag within the current period shown or drag onto the calendar on the left for a different date.

Double click on a job to change details

Change the Start time to change the delivery date.
Click into Windows to change the delivery time on the day.
Select a Resource in the drop-down list to change the person/resource delivering.
Set a different Status on the delivery:
  1. Pre-booked - Used for quotes and will only be delivered if the quote is changed to an invoice (will automatically change to Pending). Can be manually changed to Pending.
  2. Pending - Indicates items are ready for delivery
  3. Processed - Indicates items are out of store for delivery
  4. Complete - Delivery was completed
In Dispatch setup, you can choose if deliveries are automatically changed to Completed. There are also other options, see Dispatch Management Setup

Change view

The function buttons at the top allow you to change how you see the resources and deliveries.
(Multi-store site only) you can tick or untick against each store at the top to hide or see the resources for that store.
  1. Backward and Forward buttons - Will go back or forward a day
  2. Go to today - Will return to the current date
  3. Go to a date - Go to a selected date and choose what period to view on: Day, Week etc.
  4. Next 7 days -  Will show the next 7 days of dispatches
  5. 1, 5, 7, 31 - Shows that number of days of dispatches
  6. Timeline - View dispatches for a day with the time along the top
  7. 1y - Shows a whole year of dispatches
  8. Gantt view - Will display like timeline but show as a Gantt chart
  9. Group by - Will group the deliveries by Date, Resource or None (setting will be remembered)
  10. Timescale - Will change the time increments displayed
  11. Working Hours - Will hide or show times where a resource is available (as setup in Dispatch Management setup)
  12. Date navigator - will hide the date on the left
  13. Resources Layout editor - Allows you to show/hide resources
  14. Print - For printing dispatch lists to be picked and delivered
  15. 2 cogs -  Setup button, see Dispatch Management setup
  16. Tick Box - Bring up the prompt for completing deliveries from previous days

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