Retailer allows you to control if and when receipts are printed. To disable receipts printing automatically or control when they do print, follow the steps below.

  1. From the main screen of Retailer, navigate to Setup -> System, then select the Receipts tab.
  2. Un-Tick Always print a receipt after every sale
  3. Click Save.
Now Retailer will not print a receipt after a sale unless the tax amount for the sale is equal to or exceeds the amount specified in the 'Auto receipt tax amount' field below.
The default configuration will prevent automatic receipt printing for any sale where the amount of tax is less than $4.5454. This would mean a sale would need to be around $50 before a receipt is printed.
Increasing this amount will mean less sales will print receipts. To stop receipts printing at all set this to very high figure like $9,999

The link below describes an option in Retailer to force a prompt when printing a receipt, which can be a way to stop the receipt printing automatically. The link talks about stopping it for EFTPOS transactions, but it can be set to do this for all sales.
EFTPOS receipts can not be prevented from printing in this manner; instead you must enable the confirm receipt option. Click HERE for more details.