Budget-friendly Marketing tips for your Shopify Webstore

Budget-friendly Marketing tips for your Shopify Webstore

Finding new customers may seem like a daunting task – but what about engaging your current customers?
You don’t need a dedicated marketing agency to promote your business. Here are tips anyone can do to market their business online:

Review your website regularly

  1. Schedule in regular check-ins for your homepage, product ranges & site performance
  2. Use Shopify’s handy analysis & reporting to gain insight on what is working well and what is not. 
  3. Rather than paying for marketing through social media ads, you can grow your traffic organically through search optimisation. Check out our SEO advice sheet or SEO services

Promote your webstore

  1. Ensure business listings are up to date so customers can easily find your business online, especially Google & Apple Map listings.
  2. Share your website each time you post updates on your socials. i.e. new product arrivals
  3. Print store signage. Simple A4 printout or two will do. Pop one on the counter or in your store front. Make your website stand out nice and big.

Thank customers for supporting local

  1. Post a social media update, send a marketing email.
  2. Print ‘Thank you’ flyers or add hand-written notes to your online orders. 
  3. Remind customers they’re supporting a local Aussie business.

Entice customers with discounts 

  1. Add an online only discount for first time customers. i.e. “FIRST10”, “WELCOME5" Consider free shipping for a limited time only.
  2. Add the discount code as a popup or announcement bar promo. Share it on social media or even instore. 
  3. Have Catalogue stock item discounts on Retailer? Sync it!  Check your TWC sync settings  to ensure discounted prices are syncing.

Target Mobile users

  1. Use Shopify’s Shop app to seamlessly bring your store to your customer’s phone. Read more: https://www.shopify.com/shop 
  2. Consider further online engagement with Email or SMS offers.  Use Shopify’s integrated marketing tools or find one that’s right for you.  

Want to learn more about running small business online? 

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