Operator numbers are a feature that allow you to filter barcode labels in the barcode manager screen, giving more control over which labels are printed or cleared. They are useful when multiple staff members are performing stock maintenance tasks, as it can prevent the accidental printing or clearing of other staff member's barcode labels. 

Assigning Operator Numbers when Queueing Barcodes

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All barcode labels sent to the barcode manager receive an operator number. By default, this number is 0. To change the default operator number for a terminal, go to Setup -> Point of Sale and select the Terminals tab. In the table near the top of the window, change the number in the Operator column by clicking into the appropriate box and typing the desired number, then clicking Save. Each terminal can be assigned a different default operator number.

The operator number can be manually changed for individual barcodes by selecting a different operator number during the normal process of queueing labels.

When queueing barcodes from the stock screen, stock manager, or individually from the invoice arrivals screen, select an operator number near the top of the Setup Barcodes and Labels screen, then proceed as normal. If using the label setup utility, the operator number can be selected at the bottom-right of the screen.

For barcodes that are automatically queued during invoice arrivals, the operator number should be selected before starting the arrival. It can be changed near the top left of the invoice arrivals screen, immediately to the right of the arrival date. Any labels sent to the barcode manager during the course of invoice arrival will be assigned the selected operator number.

Filtering Labels by Operator Number in Barcode Manager

For more information about printing labels using the barcode manager, click  HERE .
In the barcode manager screen, select Print for Operator in the options at the bottom of the screen, then select the desired operator number. Only barcode labels that were assigned the matching operator number will appear in the list above. The Print, Print Label Printer, Reset and Clear Queue buttons will only affect these labels while Print for Operator is selected.

To return to showing all queued labels, select one of the other sorting options, such as Print in Arrival Order .

Operator numbers are assigned to all label types, including shelf labels.