This article only covers the Woo Commerce specific setup, for the full setup use  Setting up a new Webstore
  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of WordPress, or WordPress is in version 5.6+
  2. Log in to your WordPress administrative page with user that has Administrator permission.
  3. We need to generate the API keys to be used in the WooCommerce Link.
    On the left panel, click on  WooCommerce  ->  Settings .
    • Click on  Advanced  tab.
    • Click on the  REST API  tab on the top.
    • Then, click on  Keys/Apps .
    • Click on  Create API Key .
    • In  Description , type in  WooCommerce Link .
    • In  User , select your administrative user.
    • In  Permissions , select  Read/Write .
    • Click  Generate API Key .
    • Copy and paste both the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into Notepad or something similar.
      If you close out of this screen without saving the keys, you will need to revoke and re-generate them.
  4. Back in the TWC setup page, enter the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret & Admin Username. Your Admin Username is the username you use to log in to Wordpress. App password should be left blank unless otherwise advised by Tower Support.

Sales Export Webhook

  1. In the left panel, click on  WooCommerce  ->  Settings , click on  Advanced  tab from the Settings page, then click  Webhooks  link from the horizontal menu.
  2. Click  Add webhook  button.

  3. From the Webhook data form
    • Select  Action  from the  Topic  dropdown
    • Enter event  woocommerce_order_status_processing  in the  Action event  field
    • Enter a Webhook name to identify the Webhook, for example, “TWC Order Webhook”
    • Select  Activ e from the  Status  dropdown
    • Enter this TWC WooCommerce Webhook URL in the  Delivery URL  field

    TWC WooCommerce Webhook URL


    • Enter this TWC WooCommerce Webhook Secret Key to the  Secret  field,

    TWC WooCommerce Webhook Secret Key



    (Please note that the Secret Key cannot be changed to others, or this will cause Webhook call to be rejected by TWC)


    • Select  WP REST API Integration v3  from the API Version dropdown

  4. Click  Save  button to save the changes.
  5. Do NOT click on the Webhook TEST button.
  6. To check Webhook logs and confirm it works, you can click  Status  under  WooCommerce  from the menu on the left, then click the tab  Logs  from the status page, then choose a Webhook log to view.
  7. To check the webhook status, you can click  Status  under  WooCommerce  from the menu on the left, then click the tab  Scheduled Actions  from the status page, it will normally take 2-5 secs for WooCommerce to process the Webhook query.
  8. Make sure to untick  Automatic Sales Export  in (under Sales tab).

Site Structure

Under Settings > Permalinks

This must be one of the settings shown below in the red box