Tower Systems Onboarding: What’s Included And The Critical Checklist

Tower Systems Onboarding: What’s Included And The Critical Checklist

What’s included in onboarding

  1. Tower Systems allocates onboarding time based on how much time you have purchased.  If you need more onboarding or training time then it is available here.  Onboarding time is offered in conjunction with our published Terms and Conditions.  
  2. Onboarding Time is booked in minimum 2 hour blocks and unused time from a booked block is lost and not recoverabel. 
  3. We have a suite of onboarding videos that cover vast areas of the software and are the ideal starting point to leaning the system.  Click here to access the training.
  4. Onboarding time will be first used to setup and configure the software with the remaining time to be used for either data conversion or training at your direction.    
  5. Onboarding is about getting the software installed and settings ready for your use and training you in the use of the software for as much time is available based on what you purchase. It can include some data conversion – as long as it is not too complex and as long as the data provided is clean and easily accessed.
  6. Onboarding does not include manipulation of your data, editing of your data or modifying your data in any way.
  7. Onboarding does not include connecting your POS software to a website. This is a separate service.
  8. Onboarding does not include scraping images for storage in the Tower POS software for any purpose, including for a website.

Onboarding Checklist.


Please tick off each item as completed to ensure no point is missed and please email information sought to Including your business name in the subject line.
  1. Current software. Advise the name of the software currently in use.
  2. Data
    1. If we are bringing on data from other software, we need a copy of this from you one week prior to installation. We will check the data. If this pre-check uncovers issues, we will advise as they may impact  how the installation is undertaken.
    2. Please note that we will only convert data as defined here
    3. We do not convert variants because different software programs store them in different ways. It is very time consuming. Please let us know if you would like a quote for advanced data conversion.  
    4. No past sales or accounting data is brought across. 
  3. Current Hardware.
    1. Please provide details of hardware, by using our form available here.  By filling this in, it allows us to highlight any potential hardware issues before they arise. 
    2. Please ensure that it meets our current minimum hardware and operating systems standards available here. 
  4. Complete Online Rental Signup.  In the lead up the installation you will be sent a link to complete the signup of your software rental.  During this process you will enter your payment method which can be paid via credit card, including Amex or via a direct debit. 
  5. Onboarding Training.  Begin to familiarize yourself with the onboarding video based training.    It is available here.
  6. Supplier Stock files and Electronic Invoices
    1. If you are starting from scratch or want to update your data, please make contact with your suppliers and request these. 


How the installation progresses will depend on how much time you have purchased. Outlined below is what would typically be covered in the 16-24 hour package.  
  1. Hardware configuration. We will configure the hardware as per our requirements. If you choose to use your own technician they must follow our configuration advice and do the work prior to installation.
  2. Software installation and configuration. We will install our software on each computer and configure it. This is an interactive process based on your needs. Information about your needs will guide us.
  3. Data conversion. We will convert customer and stock data, if available, and load it. You need to check the data prior to live use.
  4. Training. Make sure those using the software are fully available to be trained by our trainer. Uninterrupted attention is critical. It is impossible to cover everything in the time most choose to purchase. Please let us know what you expect to make most use of in the short to medium term. Training will also cover business critical processes: backup and how to access our knowledge base.
  5. Handover. Once the training time you have purchased is completed; the system will be handed to you for your live use. Handover includes the provision of support contact details and an explanation of how the help desk process works.

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