This is for Newsagencies Only

Newspaper publishers may request subagent sales data be sent to them This advice sheet steps through how to generate and send the report required.

Generating a Subagent Sales Report

  1. On the top menu bar in Retailer, click on Reports -> Newsagency -> Subagent Spreadsheet.
  2. Select the required date range.
  3. Select the subagents required to report on. To select/unselect individual subagents, hold the [Ctrl] key and click on the subagent.
  4. In the Stock Items To Include section, select between Daily, Weekly, Monthly, All or Selected stock items.
  5. If you chose Selected in the step above, you can then specify stock items in the Selected Stock Items section by clicking in the Stock Item field and typing in the PLU for each item.
  6. In the Report Options section, select the options for the format of the report.
  7. Click Preview to view the report on-screen or Print to print the report without previewing.
  8. If you selected Preview in the step above, you can:
    • Click on the Printer icon to print out the report
    • Click on the PDF icon to create a PDF copy
    • Click on the Export icon to create a copy of the report in a different format such as an Excel file.