Stop Delivery Details for Normal Sales / Enable Delivery Details for Account Customers

Stop Delivery Details for Normal Sales / Enable Delivery Details for Account Customers

With the 3.0.9 update, we added the Dispatch Management functionality and a re-work to the setting for Delivery Details.

Disable Delivery Details for non-account sales

To disable the screen from appearing for normal sales processes through the subtotal screen or when quick tender buttons are used and not attached to a customer's account:
  1. From the main screen of Retailer, go to Setup -> Point of Sale.
  2. Inside the Point of Sale Setup, go to Terminals -> Other.
  3. Untick Allow Delivery Address Entry in Payment Details (Sub Total) and Save.
  4. Restart Retailer for it to take effect.
This will need to be done on all terminals.

Enable Delivery Details for account customers

  1. From the main screen of Retailer, go to Setup -> System -> Other
  2. Tick Prompt for invoice address details when processing sale to all customers and Save.
    This only needs to be done on one terminal.
After changing both these options, you will still be able to manually cause the delivery details window to appear by ticking the checkbox in the Subtotal screen.

Skip Delivery Details for account customers 

By using the Quick End Sale [END] shortcut, you can skip the delivery address window from opening for account customers who do not need to have a delivery address filled in or order number noted in the invoice.

Click HERE to learn more about how to adjust your POS buttons

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