[Pre 3.3] Statuses in Quote and Invoice Management

[Pre 3.3] Statuses in Quote and Invoice Management

In Quote and Invoice Management, each quote/invoice is given one of the five possible statuses explained below. The current status is highlighted in the top-right of the window.


  • Created either from the POS screen (suspended sale) or directly within Quote and Invoice Management.
  • Sent to the customer as a Quote, but no stock QOH (qty on hand) have been adjusted and the customer has not been charged.


  • Happens once a quote has been converted and the customer’s account has been charged.
  • Stock QOH have been adjusted.


  • This is similar to the Invoice status, but used when a non-account customer (cash) wants to confirm and pay for a quote. The quote has been turned into a sale and suspended in the Point of Sale (POS) screen.
  • Stock QOH will be adjusted once the sale is processed.
  • It is possible to suspend a quote in the POS, then delete the sale instead of finalizing the payment. The POS status should not be treated as confirmation of a sale; confirm the sale in the previous sales screen.


  • This is used when an Invoice which had been created and charged from the POS screen has been ‘imported’ into the Quote and Invoice maintenance screen. This allows you to reverse the status of the invoice and make stock changes (either new items or QOH) to an invoice which has already been charged to an account customer


  • This will show quotes which have been cancelled. This might be because the customer isn’t interested in the quote anymore. 

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