The Staff Comparison By Department Report compares the sales of selected staff by the amount of sales made in selected departments. 

Generating Report

  1. On the top menu bar of Retailer, click on Reports -> Staff Reports -> Staff Comparison By Department.
  2. In Date Range:
    • Select the Start Date – This will be the Start Date of the report.
    • Select the End Date – This will be the End Date of the report.
  3. In Staff - Select which staff members to compare. If you wish to compare all staff leave the circle clicked. If you only wish to compare certain staff members, double click on each selected staff member.
  4. In Transaction Types To Include - Select which payment types you would like to appear on the report.
    • Normal Sales – Normal sales initiated in the POS.
    • Invoices - A charge to a customers account.
    • Laybys – Lay by transactions.
    • Payments – Payments to a customer account.
    • No sales – 'No sales' transactions that are performed.
    • Balance Adjustment – Shows balance adjustments made to customer accounts.
    • Duty/Tax Free – Shows the GST free sales.
    • Invoice Credits – Displays transactions involving invoice credits.
    • Lay by Credits – Displays transactions involving layby credits.
  5. In Other Options:
    • Group by Department – Groups transaction types by department.
    • Group by Staff – The alternative to group by department. Groups all sales per staff member.
    • Show Category – Displays the category on the report.
    • Show Items – Displays individual items sold on the report.
    • Discounted sales only – Only shows discounted sales on the report.
    • Non Discounted Sales Only – Only shows sales that aren't discounted on the report.
  6. In Terminal - Select which terminals to analyse on the report. To select all, leave the All Terminals circle ticked. If not, click the button next to Select Terminal and select which terminal to analyse using the drop-down box.
  7. In Departments - Select which departments to include on the report. Either leave the Select All circle selected or double click on all departments you wish to include in the report.
  8. Click Preview or Print.

Reading the Report           

The Staff Comparison By Department report allows you to report on your staffs sales per department. This allows you to compare how many sales and how much profit your staff are making.

  • Category Desc – Shows the Department and Staff being analysed.
  • Total Sale Count – Shows the total number of sales made.
  • Total Items Sold – Shows the total number of items sold.
  • Total Discount – Shows the value amount of discounts applied to stock.
  • Total $ Sales – Shows the total value of sales made.
  • Total $ GP – Shows the value of gross profit made.
  • Total % GP – Shows the percentage of gross profit made.
  • Avg $ per Sale – Shows the average value per sale.
  • Avg $ per Item – Shows the average value of each item sold.