The Sales Target Report shows your actual sales vs your sales target for the date period specified.

Before you can use the report you need to enter sales targets see HERE

Generating the Report

  1. On the top menu bar of Retailer, click on Reports -> Sales Reports -> Sales Target Report.
  2. In Sales:
    1. Select the Start Date – This will be the Start Date of the report.
    2. Select the End Date – This will be the End Date of the report.
  3. In Options:
    1. Exclude Home Delivery & Subagent Orders – This option will stop home deliveries and Subagent orders from being shown on the report.
    2. Exclude Agency – Excludes Agencies from being shown on the report (Eg. Lotto).
    3. Show Total Average Sales And Sale Targets – Shows sale totals, averages and targets in the report.
  4. Click Preview or Print.

Reading The Report

The Sales Target Report is read as follows:

  1. Date – Shows the date/s being analysed.
  2. Actual Sales (Inc. GST) – Shows the value of sales made on the specified date.
  3. Sales Target (Inc. GST) – Shows the value of the sales target entered for the day being analysed.
  4. $ Variance – Shows the difference in value of the actual sales compared to the sales target.
  5. % Variance – Shows the difference as a percentage of sales compared to the sales target.

Exporting the Report

You can export the report to either a PDF document or Excel spreadsheet by using the Preview button and following the below steps:

  1. PDF - Click on the red PDF button at the top of the report and choose your save destination.
  2. Excel spreadsheet - Click on the Print button at the top left. Tick 'Print to File' and select 'Xlsx Data File'. Click on the three dots button [...] to choose your save destination. Click OK to save the file.