The Sales By Time report is a great way to detect any quiet or peak times in your business based on a time period (Hour, half hour etc).

Generating the Report

  1. On the top menu bar of Retailer, click on Reports -> Sales Reports -> Sales By Time.
  2. In the Date Range, enter the dates you wish to collect the information from.
  3. The Time Range can be set by the minute, you can do multiple hours by adding the appropriate minutes (E.g. 2 hours = 120 minutes). The Daily Start Time and Daily End Time can be scaled to suit your opening hours (In this example we will pretend the store is open from 8am-6pm). You don’t have to follow your opening hours but this will help get rid of blank spaces in the report.
  4. The Days to Include can be changed to any combination of days, or all days.
  5. Options:
    1. Exclude Home Delivery, Exclude Payout Departments, Exclude Agency - These options allow newsagencies to prevent certain sales contributing to the report.
    2. Hourly Totals and Hourly Averages - This will either give you a total of the number of sales for the period selected in the Time Range field or give you an average number of sales for that time.
  6. Once you are happy with the options, you can either Preview or Print the report.

Reading The Report

There are 4 columns as well as a graph included at the bottom of the Report.
  1. From / To - The time range based on the interval that was selected in the report options.
  2. No. of Sales / Avg. Sales - The second column will show one of two options, depending on what was selected. It will either show the total number of sales or the average number of sales for that period.
  3. Total Sales - Shows the total value of sales for the time range.
  4. Average Sale Amount - The average amount of each sale for the period.