The Sales Analysis Report is used to breakdown what payments and charges have been made to customers’ accounts.

Generating The Report:

  1. On the top menu bar of Retailer, click on Reports -> Sales Reports -> Sales Analysis Report.
  2. Enter the date range you wish to run the report for.

Reading The Report:

  1. Date – For the date you wish, showing the day’s transactions broken down.
  2. Sub Billing (Only Applies to Newsagents) – The total amount for any subagent billing. The billing is Subagent Returns + Subagent Invoices.
  3. Sub Payments (Only Applies to Newsagents) – The total amount for any payments made by a subagent.
  4. Cust Billing – The total amount for Customer Billing + Surchages + Delivery Fees – Delivery Misses.
  5. Cust Payments – The total of any payments made (Order Payments, Invoice Payments, Layby’s, Account Payments)
  6. Layby’s - The total of any laybys charged against an account minus any layby credits.
  7. Invoices – The total of any Invoices charged against an account minus invoice credits.
  8. Sales – The total of any sales put through Retailer on that day.
  9. Misc – The total amount of any balance adjustments.

The summary section will give overall totals for the report, there is also weekly totals listed if the report date range is longer than one month.