Prior to Installation

  • If you are supplying your own hardware, please ensure that this hardware meets the specifications and is configured according to this article.
  • Please ensure that the person or people who will be using use the Retailer software have good basic computer knowledge, including how to use a mouse and basic knowledge and operation of Windows. If this is not the case, a good idea would be to complete a basic computer course at your local TAFE or adult education centre before your installation.
  • If you have price labels stuck over barcodes on your stock items, stop doing this for new stock entering the store. We’ll need to be able to scan these barcodes.
  • Ensure that there are four power outlets available at each location you intend to install a computer. Power boards are not recommended.
  • Engage a certified cable installer to lay and terminate any CAT5e network cable between the various computer points. You are welcome to have your cable installer liaise with us to determine the right approach on this work.
  • Please ensure there are cable holes in the counter where the computers are to be installed. These holes are used to feed any cables between the counter top and the computer below. The holes should be approximately 5cm (2 inches) in diameter. You must arrange for this to be completed before the technician arrives, as our IT specialists are not carpenters and do not carry the necessary tools.
  • When booking the installation, please ensure that you book enough time so that the training can be completed. For example, if your order has included three days on site, we recommend that you book this in one block – splitting these days up is not recommended.
  • If you wish to receive electronic invoices, contact your major suppliers to make arrangements for these to be sent (usually via email).
    Newsagents only: To receive electronic invoices from magazine distributors, please sign up for XchangeIT, and contact the magazine distributors to turn on EDI access. The XchangeIT signup and installation process can be carried out on their web site, or 1300 551 212.
  • If you require additional onsite training, this can be carried out at our normal onsite rates. 
  • Brief all of your staff, and advise that the business will be disrupted through this process but things will settle down.
  • Make a list of all of your departments, the categories within those departments, and the markups that apply to each. This will ensure that you are off to a flying start when we install the system.
  • If you are converting data from an old system, it is advisable that you remove as much old and redundant data as possible. This ensures that you start off with as much of a clean slate as possible.
  • Roster additional staff on to ensure that the people being trained can provide their undivided attention to the training process. This is very important if you are to make the most of your time with our installers. Having constant interruptions will severely hamper your training.
  • Make sure there is easy and clean access under your counter where the computers are to be located.
  • Ensure sufficient space is available for the equipment being installed. PCs require 15cm clearance on each side and above, and 20cm clearance behind to permit sufficient air flow.
  • The installer will provide you with some miscellaneous equipment that is provided with the computer hardware, such as Windows disks and printer drivers. Please ensure that these are kept in a safe place with easy access in case they are needed at some point in the future.
  • Please note that the installation time provided to you includes travel time.


  • Please don’t serve customers while you and your staff are being trained. This is why we recommend you roster on additional staff, so interruptions can be kept to a minimum. Use the time that has been allocated to you for training. That is, embrace the training and learn as much as possible. If you leave our trainer idle, that time is lost to you.
  • Make notes during the training and store these in a folder, so you can refer back to them if you get stuck.
  • Allow the Tower Systems installation people to train you according to their standard approach. If you have questions, please keep them to the subject being trained. Time is available after each portion of training for questions.
  • Do not rely on training only one staff member. If that staff member leaves, their knowledge leaves with them. By splitting your training between several people, you can avoid burn-out.
  • The training process is the most important part of the system installation. It’s important that you learn and practice as much as you can.
    NOTE: Tower Systems will not provide training over the phone. This ties up our support resources, which slows down our response time for other callers. If you need further training, please email
  • Additional training resources are available from the Tower Systems website including Advice Sheets and online training sessions. Familiarise yourself with these resources and make full use of them for yourself and your staff to re-enforce the training you have received.

Bedding-in Period

  • The first few weeks immediately following the installation will be frustrating as you learn new technology and new processes. Trust the process. Life will settle. It will all make sense.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. It’s the only way to ensure that what you have learned sticks.
  • For all support issues, please call the Tower Systems Support Team. The numbers are listed on the Tower Systems website ( and the base of this article.
  • When you call for support, please advise how important the call is:
    P1 – the system is down and urgent attention is crucial
    P2 – you need urgent help within 15 minutes
    P3 – Non urgent issue needing a response same day.
  • If you have a simple question for support and you’re not in hurry for an answer, you can send your question to
  • If you call the installation person for support rather than the Tower Systems helpdesk, there may be a delay in receiving a response as they are likely to be doing another installation.
  • If you have suggestions on how the Tower Systems software may be enhanced, these can be added to the Software Ideas page on our website. This is a place where our user community can lodge their own ideas and have the rest of the community vote on those ideas. We pull around 75% of our update content from this area, so it is important that you lodge your thoughts here.