Changing Quote and Invoice Management Settings

  1. From the main screen of Retailer, click on Stock Maintenance -> Quote and Invoice Management. Click on Setup.
    • Default Delivery Date is # days from Created Date – Lets you set the default number of days between the creation date of the quote to the delivery date. (This can be manually changed on a quote-by-quote basis regardless of the default setting.)
    • Show items on Invoice where QTY supplied = 0 – Lets you show or hide items from the quote that have a 0 supply Qty. They will show with a $0 charge.
    • Allow Unit Prices to be Edited – Allows you edit the unit price on quotes after they are created without having to edit the whole quote.
    • Enable Automatic Order Qty Default Order Qty # - Lets you set a default quantity of stock items added to the quote.
    • Show Due Date on Invoices – Show the due date on an invoice once it is created.
  2. After making changes to the settings, click on Save.

Changing the Columns shown in Quote and Invoice Management

This will not change what is shown on the quote or invoice.

  1. Click on the dotted box in the top left of the Stock Items grid.
  2. Tick or untick which columns you wish to see on the screen to show or hide them.

Setting to make the quantity supplied on quote/invoice equal to quantity ordered (not check the current quantity on hand)

  1. From the main screen of Retailer and click Setup at the top.
  2. Click into the Customer tab.
  3. Tick the box marked Always set the QTY supplied to be equal to the QTY ordered regardless of QOH.
  4. Click Save at the bottom.