Print or Email Customer Invoices and Receipts (also in bulk)

Print or Email Customer Invoices and Receipts (also in bulk)

In the Customer screen, you can email or print out a customer's invoices/receipts from a button near the bottom right of the screen.
This can be done in bulk as well.

To email invoices/receipts, your email needs to be setup in Retailer first.
Click HERE to learn how to setup email.

  1. First , open up the intended customer account, in the Customers screen.
  2. Click on Print / Email Transactions near the bottom right.
  3. Tick the boxes ( under Include column ) of the invoices/transactions that you wish to print or email.
    You can also click Select All at the bottom to tick all transactions in that list.
  4. Click on Print or Email to print off or send off the emails for the selected invoices/receipts.
    If printing, be sure to select the correct printer in the box to the left of the Close button.
  5. Note: Emails will be sent to the email address recorded against the invoice/transaction (set at the time of the sale).

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