Once you have logged into Roam, you will land on the Point of Sale ('POS') screen. This screen is where you can perform sales, laybys and even invoices. The layout of the POS screen is customizable and multiple layouts can be saved to use for different users, trade shows or around your store.

More information about creating and changing a layout for the POS screen can be found HERE.

Information on Laybys can be found HERE

Adding Stock

Adding stock to the sale can be done a few ways. 

  1. You can search for product descriptions, this list will populate as you type and narrow the search down. You can simply click on the item from the list that you wish to add to the sale. This field can be scrolled on to view more options from the list.  To remove the search quickly, press the 'X' in the search field.
  2. This symbol shows that there is a Bluetooth scanner successfully paired. Scanning a barcode will add it to the sale with no further intervention required. 
  3. Alternatively 'Hot Keys' can be set up to easily add products to the sale with a touch of a button. Multiple pages can be set up for this layout and different layouts can be set up for different uses.
Click HERE for more information about setting up POS buttons. 

Adding Customers

Customers can be added to sales in two locations, either through the POS screen where stock is added or through the sale screen. 

  1. In the POS screen, clicking on the 'Add Customer' button will bring up a search field. 
  2. You can type in the search field for a customer, the fields that can be searched are: E-mail, Phone Number & Customer Name (First & Last)
  3. To add a customer that isn't in the system, click the '+' in the top right of the customer screen. 

In the add customer screen, you can add first & last name, phone number and email address. 

Alternatively, customers can be added to the sale by pressing Add Customer in the sales screen.

Performing a Sale

Once stock has been added to the sale, you can proceed to end the sale by clicking Sale in the bottom right. This will take you to the next screen where you can then select any payment types, or if it is an invoice or layby. 

Payments can be made by clicking on the payment types (e.g. Cash, Tyro etc).

Click HERE for more information on how to set up pay types in Roam.

You can change the tendered amount by changing the amount in the total field and ending the sale.
You can also perform a split payment using the button to the right of the amount.  

After selecting to split a payment, type in the amount you wish to pay first. Once you have processed the amount you wanted to with the first payment, you will then be presented with the remaining amount, which you can proceed to continue splitting if you wish.

Once you have selected a payment method(s) you will be presented with a tendered screen. This screen will give you some pre-filled tendered options to select from, alternatively, you can select the total value of the sale.

You will now be presented with the sale complete screen:

  1. Any change for the sale will be displayed here, along with a confirmation that the sale has been completed.
  2. If a customer was selected and has an email address it will be pre-filled in this section, if not you can click on it and enter an address.
  3. Click here to send an email to a customer/email that was selected.
  4. If you have a receipt printer setup you can print a receipt for the sale, to learn more about configuring receipts in Roam click HERE.
  5. Next sale will take you back to the POS screen and allow you to process the next sale. 

Invoicing a Customer

Once the stock has been added to the sale and a valid account customer has been added to the sale, you have the ability to invoice a customer. 

Selecting the 'Invoice' option will automatically end the sale and take you to the sales summary screen where you can email/print a receipt. 

Suspending Sales

To suspend a sale, you can select the 'II' button down the bottom right hand side of the POS screen, or the three dots, followed by 'Suspend Sale'

You will then be prompt to enter some notes regarding the sale, alternatively, you can just click suspend and it will save with no notes. 

To Retrieve a sale, click on the three dots again and click Switch SaleYou can then select the sale you wish to retrieve from the list by clicking on it.