Occasionally, your client (slave) computers may fail to start Retailer. This is typically the result of a communication problem between the client computer and the server (MAIN). When this happens, it is usually accompanied by the error message below.

Connection to the Network

The client/slave computers require a working connection to the network to allow them to access the data on the server/MAIN computer. When this connection fails, the client computers cannot communicate with the server and hence, have no access to the data. To diagnose and resolve this problem, try the following steps:
  1. Try accessing the Tower Systems website on the MAIN and POS computers. If either fails, you have a problem with the network.
  2. Locate and turn off the router (and switches, if any). These are usually "electronic boxes" with a number of Ethernet cables and corresponding LED lights.
  3. Leave these switched off for 30-60 seconds.
  4. Turn them back on and allow the computer a few minutes to pick up the Internet settings.
  5. Try accessing the Tower Systems website again.
  6. If it works, then Retailer should too. If not, you may have to contact a local IT technician to identify and resolve the issue.


Sometimes, Retailer may not start on client computers even if an Internet connection is active. This is may be the result of security software blocking Retailer on the client computer from accessing the data on your server. There are a number of ways to solve this problem:
  • Configure your Firewall to allow the following files:
    1. C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\nxserver.exe
    2. C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\RetailerV3.exe
    3. C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\RetbackV3.exe
    4. C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\TowerDBV3.exe
  • Make sure you are on a Home/Work Network (Windows 7) OR Private network (Windows 10)
    1. Click on the Start/Windows button.
    2. In the Search box, type in 'Control Panel' and click on the selection.
    3. Click Network and Sharing Center
    4. In the Network and Sharing Center, click on the option below and make sure it is set to Work/Private Network.

  • Direct your client computer to your server's IP address
    1. On the server, hold down the [Windows] key on the keyboard and then press the [R] key.
    2. In the box that appears, type in cmd /k ipconfig.
    3. Write down the IP or IPv4 address.

    4. Go over to the client computer and hold down the [Windows] key on the keyboard and then press the [R] key.
    5. Type in C:\Tower\Retailer\Ini\RetailerV3.ini and press [Enter]
    6. Replace the entry AFTER RETAIL_ALIAS_IP_OR_NAME= with the IP address that you wrote down before (Example below)

    7. Close the screen and click Yes to save the changes.