If you’ve had your Shopify site developed by Tower and your website developer has let you know that you’ve got this feature with your site, it will allow you to automatically add/remove Retailer Categories from your navigation. This feature looks through all the tags (Category) that you have in a Collection and will add them as a dropdown on the next level of the navigation.

This is a general guide. If you have followed the steps below, you are still having trouble and your website was developed by Tower please email webdesign@towersystems.com.au.

Enabling the Feature

  1. Go to your theme editor (from your Shopify Admin Panel, go to Online Store then Theme and then click Customize)
  2. On the left hand side menu, scroll to the bottom and select Theme Settings:
  3. Locate & click Auto Generate Categories.
  4. Make sure the checkbox is enabled:


Setting up the Menu on Shopify

Note: Review theme settings for specific instructions to your website.

  1. Navigate to the Main menu on Shopify (from your Shopify Admin Panel, go to Online Store, then Navigation and then click Main menu (or your equivalent navigation that is your main menu).
  2. Add a link to your Collection as you would normally. Click Add menu item, click the Link field textbox and select Collection then the department you wish to add.
  3. Change the Name field (this is the display name that customers will see for the link on the website)
  4. Click Add menu item again, click the Link field textbox and select Homepage. Change the Name textbox field to menu item.
  5. Using the 6 dots, next to the menu item that you’ve just created left click and drag and drop the menu item underneath the Collection link you’ve created:

  6. Click Save.