You can import EDI invoice files from Evergreen Connect. To access the EDI file contact Evergreen Connect and advise them you are using Retailer. The EDI file will be emailed to you.

Setting up the supplier

  1. From the main screen of Retailer, click on Stock > Suppliers and departments.
  2. Click on the Suppliers tab.
  3. Click on Search at the bottom and find Evergreen Connect.
    NOTE: If they do not exist, add them as a new supplier click HERE
  4. Click on the EDI tab.
  5. On the option When arriving EDI invoices this supplier arrives by, change the option to Supplier stock code.
  6. Then click Save and Close.

Saving the CSV File

  1. Log into your e-mail account.
  2. Open the message where the electronic invoice is attached.
  3. Click on Desktop on the left and click Save.
DO NOT open the file under any circumstance. This corrupts any barcode and/or supplier stock code information.

Importing the CSV Invoice

  1. From the main screen of Retailer, click on Stock -> Invoice Arrivals.
  2. Click on Open Invoice.
  3. Click on Desktop on the left and double-click on the file.
    The Import Supplier Invoice File screen will appear. Select the supplier from the drop-down box.
  4. Click on the drop-down arrow next to tools and click on Change Template File Settings.
  5. Select the supplier again from the drop-down box and click OK. If the supplier is not visible, click on Cancel to access the Invoice File Template Setup screen.

Configuring the Invoice File Template

The settings will need to be configured from the bottom-up. The settings on this screen will direct Retailer to use the appropriate information from the file. 

  1. In the Invoice File Layout section, click on the yellow file icon.
  2. Navigate to the file's location and double-click on the file.
  3. This will provide a preview of the file's contents at the bottom.
  4. In the Validation Settings section:
    • Set the Date Format to DD/MM/YYYY.
    • Tick Field Enclosed With Quote.
  5. The the top of the screen, tick This File is Comma Delimited.
  6. Enter the appropriate Column and/or Row values according to the file preview screen below. If you click on any field in the preview, it will show you it's position in the Cell Value box.

  7. Click Save and Close.

Importing and Arriving the Invoice

  1. Back in the Import Supplier Invoice File screen, click on Import.
  2. The screen will flash and you can then click on Close.
  3. The Select Invoices to Import screen will appear.
  4. Click on the invoice to import and:
    • Click on View to see a preview of the invoice to check the information. 
    • Click on Delete to remove the invoice.
    • Click on OK to begin arriving the invoice.